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Beyond the Abortion Wars
A Way Forward for a New Generation
POD; Published: 10/9/2016
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7468-9
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221 Pages
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Now in paperback! A terribly timely take on the polarized abortion debate

The abortion debate in the United States is confused. Ratings-driven media coverage highlights extreme views and creates the illusion that we are stuck in a hopeless stalemate. In this book (published in hardcover in March 2015) Charles Camosy argues that our polarized public discourse hides the fact that most Americans actually agree on the major issues at stake in abortion morality and law.

Unpacking the complexity of the abortion issue, Camosy shows that placing oneself on either side of the typical polarizations — pro- life vs. pro-choice, liberal vs. conservative, Democrat vs. Republican — only serves to further confuse the debate and limits our ability to have fruitful dialogue. Camosy then proposes a new public policy that he believes is consistent with the beliefs of the broad majority of Americans and supported by the best ideas and arguments about abortion from both secular and religious sources.
Ron Rolheiser, OMI
—theologian, teacher, columnist, award-winning author
"An important book that will healthily shake up both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice readers by showing that, not only are we closer to each other than we thought, but there is a way, together, to walk out of the present political, social, religious, and legal stalemate within which we find ourselves."
Sidney Callahan
—Hastings Center Distinguished Scholar
"This accessible work may well transform the American abortion debate. Camosy gives full weight to both pro-choice feminist concerns and pro-life feminism."
Rev. Wm. Michael Mulvey, STL, DD
—Bishop of Corpus Christi
"Courageously pointing the way toward a renewed respect and love for all human life, Camosy's proposal promises to foster greater unity and communion on a large scale."
William Saletan
—National Correspondent at Slate.com
"Many of us who support the right to abortion have challenged pro-lifers to put their money where their mouth is—on equal pay, pregnancy discrimination, parental leave, health care, and child care. Camosy here does all that and more."
Library Journal
"Readers interested in bioethics and public policy will find this a valuable source of information and arguments on abortion."
The Gospel Coalition
"Wrestles not only with the morality of abortion but also with the social structures that make abortion so common."
The Living Church
"A remarkable study. It is illuminating, fascinating, well written, and well argued."