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Biblical, Theological, and Practical Perspectives

PAPERBACK; Published: 5/1/2018
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7499-3
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256 Pages
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Positive mentoring relationships are held to be essential to the formation of strong Christian leaders—but why? How can theological and biblical insights inform mentoring relationships? And what do these vital relationships look like across a range of Christian experience? 

Opening multiple angles of vision on the practice of mentoring, Dean K. Thompson and D. Cameron Murchison here present a group of eminent scholars who explore mentoring from biblical-theological perspectives, within the context of diverse national and international communities, and across generations.


David L. Bartlett
Walter Brueggemann
Katie Geneva Cannon
Thomas W. Currie
Cristian De La Rosa
Jill Duffield
Elizabeth Hinson Hasty
Luke Timothy Johnson
Kwok Pui Lan
Thomas G. Long
Melva Lowry
Martin E. Marty
Rebekah Miles
D. Cameron Murchison
Camille Cook Murray
Rodger Nishioka
Douglas Ottati
Alton B. Pollard III
Cynthia L. Rigby
Dean K. Thompson
Theodore J. Wardlaw
Patrick D. Miller
— Princeton Theological Seminary
“Created and edited by two well-recognized mentors and former mentees, this book offers far-reaching analyses and reflections on the universal practice—but also virtue and art—of mentoring. From helpful rules and principles to concrete examples and illustrations, the authors provide a rich handbook on ways and aspects of mentoring. Readers will find themselves resonating with the stories and lessons learned and greatly helped on their own life journeys.”
Michael L. Lindvall
— The Brick Presbyterian Church, New York City
“I have served three congregations that offered mentoring programs for seminarians. Those programs varied from informal to highly structured. In all three churches, I came to understand that I was, happily, not the only mentor. Certain congregational members—some younger and some older—were often the most effective mentors to the seminarians who were passing through. How I wish I might have had this magnificent collection of essays, both to read myself and to pass around my congregations. Thompson and Murchison have gathered a wonderfully diverse assortment of wise mentors to reflect on what it means to be mentored and to mentor others faithfully.”
Shannon Johnson Kershner
— Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago
“I was surprised to realize this was the first book I have ever read about the power of mentoring. Yet I cannot imagine reading a better one. Thompson and Murchison have pulled together an amazingly rich, diverse collection of perspectives on the skills and gifts of both being a mentor and receiving that kind of guidance. The pages of my copy are now earmarked and underlined. I have no doubt I will keep coming back to it. While I was surprised that this was my first book to read about mentoring, I was not surprised that Thompson and Murchison were behind it. They have both been my mentors for a long time now. They practice what they preach.”
Religious Studies Review
“Makes a heroic effort to provide wide and varied perspectives on mentoring. . . [and] serves as a rich resource for the reader.”