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A Shorter Commentary
PAPERBACK; Coming Soon: 3/23/2021
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7503-7
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528 Pages
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Since 2004, Bruce Waltke’s magisterial two-volume NICOT commentary on the book of Proverbs has been recognized as a definitive exegesis of the Hebrew text, groundbreaking in its illuminating analysis that the authors and redactors of Proverbs had organized their material into discernible clusters and groupings. Waltke and Ivan De Silva here offer an abridged and revised version of the preeminent commentary, which is more accessible to students, pastors, and Bible readers in general. In place of a technical analysis of the Hebrew text, Waltke and De Silva interpret the translated text, while also including their own theological reflections and personal anecdotes where appropriate. A topical index is added to help expositors with a book that is difficult to preach or teach verse by verse. 

At its heart, this shorter commentary on Proverbs preserves the exegetical depth, erudition, and poetic insight of Waltke’s original and maintains the core conviction that the ancient wisdom of Proverbs holds profound, ongoing relevance for Christian faith and life today.

“Waltke does a monumental job . . . in resurrecting the Book of Proverbs and wisdom generally to its rightful place in the exegetical and theological heritage of the church.”
— Concordia Journal
“Perhaps the most significant exegetical work on the Book of Proverbs in the last one hundred years. . . . A testimony to [Bruce Waltke’s] interpretive insight and skill, and to his vast experience as an educator and preacher.”
— Bibliotheca Sacra
“If the serious student of Proverbs had to choose only one resource on the book of Proverbs, he would be wise to choose this magnificent commentary by Bruce K. Waltke.”
— Criswell Theological Review
“Where is wisdom to be found? The book of Proverbs is an obvious answer, yet readers often find it a jumble of disconnected sayings, with little theological value. Having thought long and deeply about Proverbs, Bruce Waltke offers a wonderful guide through the book, elucidating many problems and showing how skillfully the work was composed. . . . Here is a realistic, wise, and godly commentary, better than Keil and Delitzsch for the twenty-first century.”
— Alan Millard
“Waltke’s learned and wide-ranging commentary reminds us why his judgments are valued and taken seriously by lay readers and scholars alike.”
— Richard J. Clifford, SJ
“Bruce Waltke’s Book of Proverbs is destined to become the outstanding commentary on this book of the Bible. . . . For all who are bored with the apparent ‘stuffiness’ of religion and theology, the analysis of life and living as taught here will restore a good dose of realism all over again.”
— Walter C. Kaiser Jr.
“Meticulous, insightful, illuminating, erudite, devotional, rich, thoughtful, and wise. All of these words describe this important commentary. . . . Everyone who seriously studies Proverbs needs to read this work.”
— Tremper Longman III
“The best overall commentary on Proverbs available at this time.”
— Interpretation
“Will provide much material for the ongoing discussion and debate about Proverbs. . . . A rich resource for study.”
— Catholic Biblical Quarterly
“Waltke’s desire that the commentary would serve both the church and the academy is clear. It is written in a manner commensurate with the author’s own skill and piety. It is at once pious and penetrating, devotional and demanding, sacred and scholarly.”
— Crux
“A monumental achievement that will serve as a learned and faithful guide for any serious student of Proverbs.”
— Westminster Theological Journal
“An excellent resource for studying the book of Proverbs. . . . This commentary should be on the shelf of pastors and anyone else planning to study Proverbs. . . . It contains a wealth of valuable information.”
— New Horizons
“Waltke’s work is indeed a wise investment for all who are seeking godly wisdom. Any student of Proverbs (whether serious layperson, pastor, or scholar) will want to consult this masterful work.”
— Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society