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A Shorter Commentary
PAPERBACK; Published: 3/23/2021
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7503-7
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500 Pages
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An abridged and revised version of Bruce Waltke’s magisterial two-volume NICOT commentary on the book of Proverbs 

Since 2004, Bruce Waltke’s magisterial two-volume NICOT commentary on the book of Proverbs has been recognized as a definitive exegesis of the Hebrew text, groundbreaking in its illuminating analysis that the authors and redactors of Proverbs had organized their material into discernible clusters and groupings. Waltke and Ivan De Silva here offer an abridged and revised version of the preeminent commentary, which is more accessible to students, pastors, and Bible readers in general. In place of a technical analysis of the Hebrew text, Waltke and De Silva interpret the translated text, while also including their own theological reflections and personal anecdotes where appropriate. A topical index is added to help expositors with a book that is difficult to preach or teach verse by verse. 

At its heart, this shorter commentary on Proverbs preserves the exegetical depth, erudition, and poetic insight of Waltke’s original and maintains the core conviction that the ancient wisdom of Proverbs holds profound, ongoing relevance for Christian faith and life today.

Table of Contents

     1. Title
     2. Texts and Versions
     3. Structure
     4. Authorship
     5. Ancient Near Eastern Wisdom Literature
     6. Poetry
     7. The Wisdom Genre
     8. Theology
Collection 1: Preamble and Prologue (1:1–9:18)
Collection 2: Antithetic and Synthetic Proverbs (10:1–22:16)
Collection 3: The Thirty Sayings of the Wise (22:17–24:22)
Collection 4: Further Sayings of the Wise (24:23–34)
Collection 5: Proverbs of Solomon from Hezekiah’s Men (25:1–29:27)
Collection 6: The Sayings of Agur Son of Jakeh (30:1–33)
Collection 7: The Sayings of Lemuel (31:1–31)

“Waltke and De Silva’s shorter commentary on Proverbs is simply a masterpiece. They skillfully impart rich theology for godly living based on Scriptural wisdom. Written with the integration of lucid instruction and keen scholarship, the reader encounters penetrating and delightful commentary characterized by both depth and simplicity. Pastors, Sunday school teachers, biblical students, and Christian parents should have this book in their arsenal to pursue and to communicate authentic biblical wisdom.”
— Peter A. Lillback
president of Westminster Theological Seminary
“With the help of his former student Ivan De Silva’s experience as a detective, Waltke has refined his masterly two-volume work of 2004 to create a precious, perceptive Christian commentary for serious students of Proverbs. Waltke’s later thoughts, using studies by some others, bring it up to date, making these ancient words wholly relevant for today.”
— Alan Millard
University of Liverpool
“At last, the updated and abridged version of Bruce Waltke’s magisterial two-volume commentary is here. In this single volume the reader will find a learned and distinctly Christian treatment of the book of Proverbs. Technically exceptional while accessible to the non-expert, it will be an excellent resource for the classroom and for home study.”
— Sandra Richter
Westmont College
“Waltke and De Silva’s abridged and updated version of Waltke’s 2004 commentary on Proverbs, which is designed to make the original more accessible to students and pastors (among others), will be widely welcomed. It is especially useful in its consideration of the wider context within which each unit of text is located and in its inclusion of a subject index that relates the various proverbs to larger topics. I commend this work most warmly to a new generation of readers.”
— Iain Provan
Regent College
Review of Biblical Literature
“This volume will help an evangelical minister or educated Sunday school teacher looking for a quick interpretation of a passage from Proverbs.”