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Missional Economics
Biblical Justice and Christian Formation
PAPERBACK; Coming Soon: 5/24/2018
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7507-5
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Series: The Gospel and Our Culture Series

American Christians today, says Michael Barram, have a signifi­cant blind spot when it comes to economic matters in the Bible. In this book Barram reads biblical texts related to matters of money, wealth, and poverty through a missional lens, showing how they function to transform our economic reasoning.

Barram searches for insight into God’s purposes for economic justice by exploring what it might look like to think and act in life-giving ways in the face of contemporary economic orthodoxies. The Bible repeatedly tells us how to treat the poor and marginalized, Barram says, and faithful Christians cannot but reflect carefully and concretely on such concerns.

Written in an accessible style, this biblically rooted study reflects years of research and teaching on social and economic justice in the Bible and will prove useful for lay readers, preachers, teachers, students, and scholars. 

Walter Brueggemann
— from the foreword
“In this uncommonly urgent book Michael Barram aims at nothing less than a shift of lens through which we read Scripture. . . . Barram’s compelling study is a wake-up call and a summons away from the pseudo-gospel of self-indulgence at the expense of the more vulnerable in the neighborhood.”