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Confess Your Sins
The Way of Reconciliation
John Stott
Foreword by Ray C. Ortlund Jr.

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POD; Published: 7/3/2017
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7509-9
Price: $ 18.99
116 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 5.5 x 8.5
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An evangelical classic for a new generation of Christian readers

Back in print for the first time in many years, John Stott's classic treatise on confession discusses a neglected Christian practice. Though the Bible clearly teaches that confession is a necessary part of the redemption story, many Christians are uncertain how and to whom they should confess their sins. Stott offers vital answers in Confess Your Sins: The Way of Reconciliation.

After presenting the necessity of confession, Stott distinguishes between three types of confession—in secret to God, in private to a person whom our sin has injured, and in public in the presence of a Christian congregation. He shows how this threefold distinction is biblically grounded, and he critically examines the practice of confessing to a priest. Offering assurance of forgiveness to Christians, this little book opens the door to fruitful conversation about the practice of confession.

Carl R. Trueman
— Westminster Theological Seminary
 “Drawing on the classic texts and major authors of his own Anglican tradition, Stott offers a compelling case that particular sins should be confessed particularly and that private confession to an offended party should be an important part of the Christian life. . . . An excellent biblical, historical, and practical treatment of the subject from which all Christians will profit.”

Ray Ortlund
— Immanuel Church, Nashville
 “John Stott’s writings are marked by clear reasoning on biblical foundations. Confess Your Sins: The Way of Reconciliation is no exception. I rejoice at its republication, especially in our time of such need. As a tsunami of sin is sweeping over us all, nothing could be more restoring, freeing, and healing than biblical confession and forgiveness. If the wisdom so ably offered in Confess Your Sins is heeded in our churches, the power of true reconciliation will feel like heaven on earth!”