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Who God Says You Are
A Christian Understanding of Identity
PAPERBACK; Published: 1/8/2018
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7518-1
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256 Pages
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For respected New Testament scholar Klyne Snodgrass, this is the most important question a person can ask—the question from which everything else in life flows. Other questions follow: What made you who you are? Who gets to say who you are? And—perhaps most vital—Who does God say you are? 

In this book Snodgrass offers wise guidance to all who are wrestling with such universal human questions. He examines nine factors—including one’s body, personal history, commitments, and boundaries—that shape human identity, and he expertly draws out what the Bible tells us about who God says we are, how we fit within God’s purposes, and how our God-given identity can and must impact the way we live our lives.

John Ortberg
— author of All the Places to Go
“Klyne Snodgrass looks at one of the oldest questions of humanity—Who am I?—and brings wisdom that is at once ancient and fresh. To read this book is to better be prepared to understand yourself.”
C. John Weborg
— author of Made Healthy in Ministry for Ministry
“This book about identity simultaneously engages the self. Snodgrass deftly uses exegesis, classical sources, Hebrew tradition, and literary texts to show that participation in Christ is the goal. Readers will at some points argue, at others pray, and at others stay silent with Who God Says You Are. Then this book will have done its work, and the mind, soul, and heart of the reader will have had a workout.”
Calvin Theological Journal
“Identity is a monumentally important topic in today’s day and age, and everyone in our churches would do well to read this book, mainly because it has such potential to redefine and reorient our understanding of ourselves and what it means to be a follower of Christ at a time when individualism reigns supreme over every other voice in society and the church.”