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Interpreting the New Testament
PAPERBACK; Published: 10/3/2019
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7519-8
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287 Pages
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A succinct and accessible text for teaching students how to interpret the New Testament

This new textbook effectively introduces students to the art and craft of biblical interpretation. New Testament scholars Sherri Brown and Francis Moloney begin by orienting students to the world of the Bible, exploring contemporary methods for interpreting the biblical literature, and showing how the Old Testament is foundational to the formation of the New Testament.


The book proceeds to lead readers through the books of the New Testament by genre:

* The Narratives: Gospels and Acts

* Paul and His Letters

* Hebrews and the Catholic Epistles

* Apocalyptic Literature and the Book of Revelation 

Unlike book-by-book introductory textbooks that tend to overshadow the primary biblical text with lots of detailed information, Brown and Moloney’s Interpreting the New Testament actually facilitates the study of the New Testament itself. Their concluding chapter reflects on the challenge of the New Testament to our present world.

Christopher W. Skinner
— Loyola University Chicago
“Written by two seasoned teacher-scholars, this volume combines a robust model for helping students engage in the interpretive enterprise with the critical content required of an introductory textbook. This book is poised to be a classroom standard for years to come.”
R. Alan Culpepper
— Mercer University
“This is a textbook that both experienced teachers and students taking their first plunge into the New Testament can get excited about!”
Barbara E. Reid, O.P.
— Catholic Theological Union
“Brown and Moloney team once again to create that ideal textbook for those who have little or no knowledge of the Scriptures. Not only beginning students but also interested general readers will find this book to be a treasure.”
Joshua W. Jipp
— Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
“Provides a remarkably readable, student-friendly, and robust guide for anyone wanting to learn both the contents of the New Testament and also the necessary skills and method for how to read these texts. Highly recommend for teachers, students, and interested laypersons!”
Alicia D. Myers
— Campbell University Divinity School
“In addition to Brown and Moloney’s characteristic care and insightful literary approaches, they include important background on method, canon, as well as historical and theological context from the Old Testament that will help any reader of the New, whether they are familiar with these writings or are studying with them seriously for the first time.”
Journal for the Study of the New Testament
“The brevity, simplicity and quality of content make this textbook an excellent resource for entry-level and intermediate students.”
Review of Biblical Literature
“This book offers a nicely balanced entrée for students of the New Testament into the worlds from which the New Testament emerged, methodology for reading the New Testament, and the texts that were gathered into the New Testament.”