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Among the Ashes
On Death, Grief, and Hope

HARDCOVER; Published: 9/4/2017
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7528-0
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127 Pages
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How can we hold fast to the hope of life eternal when we lose someone we love? In this book William Abraham reflects on the nature of certainty and the logic of hope in the context of an experience of devastating grief.

Abraham opens with a stark account of the effects of grief in his own life after the unexpected death of his oldest son. Drawing on the book of Job, Abraham then looks at the significance of grief in debates about the problem of evil. He probes what Christianity teaches about life after death and ultimately relates our experiences of grief to the death of Christ.

Profound and beautiful, Among the Ashes tackles the philosophical and theological questions surrounding loss even as it honors the experience of grief.
— Stanley Hauerwas
“A searingly honest book. William Abraham helps us understand that we cannot avoid false comforts about the death of loved ones—or about our own death—if those deaths are not seen in light of the death of Christ. This book is not an ‘easy’ read, and for this we ought to be grateful.”
— Nicholas Wolterstorff (from the foreword)
“Abraham does not shirk from saying that in his grief he could not reason about the death of his son or about his grief. He does not shirk from saying that we have no theological explanation for the untimely death of children. He does not shirk from saying that, though we live without explanations, we nonetheless have ground for hope. Readers will find this honesty refreshing and consoling. It captures their experience, and it gives them permission to set aside pious talk and voice their own grief.”
“The reader of these brief but substantive chapters has an opportunity to overhear a mature Christian wringing wisdom from a varied and dynamic theological tradition and arriving at conclusions that have the capacity to sustain a faithful life even in the midst of inexplicable suffering.”