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Loving Wisdom
A Guide to Philosophy and Christian Faith
PAPERBACK; Published: 4/23/2020
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7547-1
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376 Pages
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A guide to Christian philosophy that engages with the biblical story

As human beings, we all qualify as philosophers, and Paul Copan contends that we take a position of trust (faith) shaped by philosophical stances but also personal heart commitments (worldviews). In this thoroughly revised and expanded second edition of Loving Wisdom, Copan explores philosophy of religion from a distinctively evangelical Christian perspective—biblically grounded, informed by apologetics, and engaging with questions about universal human longings. 

Copan presents a distinctively and deliberately biblical philosophy of religion in Loving Wisdom, addressing a wide range of topics and questions as they arise in the metanarrative of scripture. He acknowledges the difficulties, mystery, and disagreements in “religion,” while attempting to show how the Christian faith does a much more adequate job of responding to a wide range of challenges as well as addressing our deepest human yearnings. With discussion questions for each chapter and an accessible approach, Loving Wisdom is ideal for the classroom or small groups.

Table of Contents

1. The Blessings of Philosophy
2. Philosophy and Scripture
3. Faith and Religion
4. Kings and Priests
5. The Need for God
6. Wired for God

7. The Triune God
8. Talking about God
9. The Attributes of God (I): Perfection, Necessity, and Self-Sufficiency
10. The Attributes of God (II): God and Time, Omniscience, and Human Freedom
11. The Attributes of God (III): Omnipresence, Incorporeality, Beauty, Omnipotence
12. The Attributes of God (IV): Immutability, Impassibility, Simplicity (?), Humility
13. The God of Truth (I): Truth on the Decline
14. The God of Truth (II): The Inescapability of Truth

15. Moving Towards God
16. God—The Best Explanation (I): The Problems with Naturalism
17. God—The Best Explanation (II): The Naturalists Are Declaring the Glory of God
18. The Reasons for God (I): God as the Cause of the Universe
19. The Reasons for God (II): God as the Designer of the Universe
20. The Reasons for God (III): God as the Source of Goodness
21. Science, Nature, and God
22. Miracles

23. The Problem of Evil (I): Introductory Matters
24. The Problem of Evil (II): Evils Logical and Probabilistic
25. The Problem of Evil (III): Evils Natural and Demonic
26. Primal Sin
27. Original Sin
28. Hell

29. The Incarnation
30. The Cross of Christ
31. Jesus’ Uniqueness and the Plurality of Religions
32. Body, Soul, and Immortality