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Between Two Worlds
The Challenge of Preaching Today
PAPERBACK; Published: 7/20/2017
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7552-5
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320 Pages
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“Preaching is indispensable to Christianity.” World-renowned preacher John Stott opens this book with those five bold words. He maintains, further, that “nothing is better calculated to restore health and vitality to the church than a recovery of true, biblical, contemporary preaching.” Stott was aiming to foster such a recovery when he wrote Between Two Worlds, which has become a modern evangelical classic.

The genius of this book is the way it synthesizes and distills Stott’s wealth of wisdom on preaching, focusing not so much on technical matters but more on theological foundations and on necessary personal characteristics of the preacher—sincerity, earnestness, courage, and humility. Preachers old and new will continue to find much to chew on in these pages.
Michael Green
— (from editor’s preface)
“A glance at the contents indicates the scope of this remarkable book. Stott shows the glorious heritage and the mighty effect of preaching over the centuries, and incidentally throughout the book displays an astonishing breadth and depth in his own reading on the subject. He faces head-on the objections to preaching, he marshals encouragement to preaching, and he shows how one foot of the preacher must always be anchored in the Bible and the other in the contemporary world. The chapters on the study and the preparation which make for effective preaching are full of wisdom and helpful advice, and will be both a challenge and an inspiration to preachers.”
Restoration Quarterly
"While the modern world is changing, the preacher's calling remains: 'to build bridges between the Word and the word, between divine revelation and human experience, and to relate the one to the other with integrity and relevance' (265). This timeless and indispensable calling finds its fullest cultivation in the preacher who is sincere and earnest, courage and humble, willing to do the hard work of reading the word and reading the world. Herein is John Stott's gift of wisdom to the modern preacher, a way forward in a changing world.'