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Nurturing Faith
A Practical Theology for Educating Christians
Fred P. Edie and Mark A. Lamport
Foreword by Charles R. Foster

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ISBN: 978-0-8028-7556-3
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512 Pages
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Faith left on rocky soil withers. But faith nurtured in the good soil of Christian teaching, formation, and mentorship grows to maturity and yields thriving community. Educational ministries are so often where this happens—where the desires of the human heart are shaped toward a love for God, a love for one’s neighbor, and a love for the world. 

In this comprehensive guide to educational ministries in the twenty-first century, Fred Edie and Mark Lamport explore how church leaders and others involved in Christian education can nurture a robust, cruciform faith within their communities. When discussing strategies and goals, Edie and Lamport consider a range of contexts and a variety of related fields that might give insight into educational ministry: theology, pedagogy, philosophy, social science, and more. Those working with any age group—children, adolescents, and adults—will find a relevant discussion of key underlying theological themes, a guide to concrete practices, and indispensable help in navigating shifting cultural dynamics. Exceedingly practical and consistent with the teachings of the gospel, the wisdom in this book will speak to all who long to foster discipleship in their church, school, or missional community. 

Key Features

  • A “Road Map” at the beginning of each chapter concisely introduces the chapter’s topic and essential themes.
  • Sidebars throughout the text provide deeper insight into particular important or nuanced concepts.
  • Discussion questions at the end of each chapter facilitate further reflection, especially in conversation with others.
  • Suggestions for further reading are provided at the end of each chapter for those interested in exploring the chapter’s ideas in greater depth.
  • Concluding the book is a series of afterwords from experts in the field of Christian educational ministries: Martyn Percy, Almeda Wright, Craig Dykstra, Kirsten Oh, Elizabeth DeGaynor, and Thomas Groome.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Charles R. Foster
Section One: Cultural Dynamics for Nurturing Faith
     1. Leaving the Faith: Eulogies of Disenchantment, Lethargy, and Irrelevance
     2. Stories We Tell Ourselves: How Concepts of Modernism and Postmodernism Inform and Inhibit Nurturing Faith
     3. Fusing Belief and Practice: How Religious Nominalism Informs and Inhibits Nurturing Faith
     4. Keeping the Faith: Sketching a Practical Theology for Nurturing Faith
Section Two: Criteria for Nurturing Faith
     5. Revelation, Experience, and the Hope of Profound Transformation
     6. Humanity, Embodiment, and the Trust of Interdependent Kinship
     7. Jesus, Sin, and the Grace of Cruciform Resurrection
     8. Church, Reconciliation, and the Faith of a Countercultural People
     9. Virtue, Character, and the Joy of Kingdom Practices
     10. Wisdom, Reflection, and the Freedom of Discerning Community
Section Three: Colleagues in Nurturing Faith
     11. Nurturing Atmospheric Faith in Children
     12. Nurturing Passionate Faith in Adolescents
     13. Nurturing Vocational Faith in Adults
Section Four: Contexts for Nurturing Faith
     14. Nurturing Intergenerational Faith through Congregations
     15. Nurturing Integrative Faith through Christian School
     16. Nurturing Intentional Faith through Theological Education
Section Five: Conversations in Nurturing Faith
     17. A Teaching Agenda for the Global Church in a Postmodern World
     18. A Dialogue among Practical Theologians
Afterword #1: Reflections on the Nature of Revelation and Religious Experience by Martyn Percy
Afterword #2: Kinship and Difference: Relationships Aren’t Easy by Almeda M. Wright
Afterword #3: Participation in the Means of Grace by Craig Dykstra
Afterword #4: Redeeming Hope: An Alternative Kingdom Informing Culture by Kirsten Sonkyo Oh
Afterword #5: Lived Faith in Communities of Charitable Critique by Elizabeth DeGaynor
Afterword #6: Knowing for Living Faith by Thomas D. Groome
Rejoinder and Epilogue

Nurturing Faith conveys a robust vision and is a compelling guide for pastors and lay leaders, Christian education faculty and students, curriculum producers, and denominational staff engaged in the nurture of a faith deeply rooted in Christian tradition with the constructive capacity to address challenges of living faithfully in our postmodern world. At a point in time when young adults are not just leaving, but often fleeing our various religious communities, Edie and Lamport offer a fresh and powerful alternative way of living into the practices of Christian education in nurturing faith in Jesus Christ.”
— Charles R. Foster
from the foreword

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