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Redeeming Capitalism Study Guide
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HARDCOVER; Published: 5/9/2018
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7557-0
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On reclaiming the moral roots of capitalism for a virtuous future

For good or ill, the capitalism we have is the capitalism we have chosen, says Kenneth Barnes. Capitalism works, and the challenge before us is not to change its structure but to address the moral vacuum at the core of its current practice.

In Redeeming Capitalism Barnes explores the history and workings of this sometimes-brutal economic system. He investigates the effects of postmodernism and unpacks biblical-theological teachings on work and wealth. Proposing virtuous choices as a way out of such pitfalls as the recent global financial crisis, Barnes envisions a more just and flourishing capitalism for the good of all. 

Paul S. Fiddes
— director of Love in Religion Project, Regent’s Park College, Oxford
“This remarkable and timely book by Kenneth Barnes is essential reading for all those who are disturbed by a moral vacuum at the heart of business, or who want to know how the Christian faith can speak into our present financial crisis.”
Ian Harper
— board member of the Reserve Bank of Australia
“Clearly written, concise, and compelling, this is a book for our time. It speaks to a deepening disaffection with capitalism as we know it and offers hope of a better way where hope is sorely lacking.”
David W. Miller
— director of Princeton University Faith & Work Initiative
“Many who live in glass houses built by the fruits of capitalism are the first to throw stones at it. Yet few understand the underlying economics and theology. Barnes is one of the few theologically trained scholars and clergy to also bring firsthand insights, knowledge, and experience from an extended career in the corporate world and global marketplace. A theologically informed, constructive critique of global capitalism, Redeeming Capitalism is a must-read for all those who wish to build more sustainable houses.”
Bob Doll
— chief equity strategist at Nuveen Asset Management
“Barnes has written a gem. This is a must-read for any serious student of capitalism from an academic or practitioner background.”
John Hoffmire
— chairman of Cadence Innova, London
“Kenneth Barnes has written a book that would take someone else a lifetime to pen. Redeeming Capitalism is a tour de force through the fields of business, religion, and economics. Ken shows great skill and will receive great admiration for his effort in bringing forth this book.”
Martyn Percy
— dean of Christchurch, Oxford
“There can be few who are better qualified and more sure-footed in this complex field. Kenneth Barnes’s book gives us an intriguing and insightful analysis into how capitalism might be redeemed. For any who might be wondering just how our banking systems, markets, and consumerism might be reimagined within the context of a specifically faith-based ethic, Barnes provides both challenge and hope.”
Publishers Weekly (STARRED review)
"A tour de force arguing that capitalism fails most people but isn’t beyond repair. . . . By clearly explaining the history of markets and corrosive effects of contemporary capitalism, Barnes’s well-reasoned book will help readers forge a more empathetic way forward."