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Preaching Adverbially
POD; Published: 1/9/2018
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7558-7
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Reflections from a pastor and teacher on preaching as a dynamic event

Christian preaching obviously entails the sermon, but in reality it involves much more. Preaching happens when the entire assembly, the worshiping congregation, gathers to speak and sing, pray and listen, eat and drink, bless and baptize. Preaching at root is a dynamic event that is best captured not in adjectives but in adverbs.

In Preaching Adverbially Russell Mitman shows how eleven select adverbs—biblically, contextually, invitationally, doxologically, and others—serve to identify what essentially happens in Christian preaching. Each chapter draws on scriptural paradigms, liturgical and musical forms, the insights of scholars and teachers, and the author's own rich experience. Mitman's purpose is for these adverbs to become practical, revitalizing guides for all who are called to proclaim the Word of God within the framework of Christian worship.
Christian Century
"This multifaceted understanding of how to gospel offers both preachers and hearers new ways to taste and see God's presence in the act and art of the sermon."
Theology Today
"Preaching Adverbially is a welcome addition to the body of literature written by experienced preachers for working preachers."
Rev. Daniel P. Mackey
—Concordia Pulpit Resources
“Mitman admonishes preachers to preach not just what Christ has done and promises to do but also what he is doing now. . . . [He] offers valid indictment of "sermonizing" and thus rescues "preaching" from its narrows.”