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Black Theology and Black Faith
HARDCOVER; Coming Soon: 11/2/2023
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7560-0
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224 Pages
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Become Black with the oppressed Christ.
Contemporary Black theology is complex and far-reaching. In this concise yet thorough volume, Noel Leo Erskine examines Black theology from every angle, seeking to answer the question, Why would Africa’s children turn to the God of their oppressors for liberation?
Beginning with the Middle Passage, which brought millions of Africans into the Caribbean and United States, Erskine unpacks the background and distinctive ideas of Black theology. Erskine covers major thinkers and illumines various areas of inquiry: suffering and theodicy, sin and reconciliation, baptism and the sacraments, womanism and Christology, and others. What unites these strands is the goal of liberation—of a faith that delivers not theoretical orthodoxies but real change in the lives of those buckling under racist oppression.
Black Theology and Black Faith is the perfect reading for students and scholars looking to recenter the voices of the marginalized in their theology. Readers will leave its pages with a faith more alive to God’s call to institute his kingdom on Earth.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Faith and History 
1. The Social Context of Black Theology 
2. Sin and Reconciliation 
3. Remember Your Baptism 
4. Salvation and Liberation 
5. Christology and Grace in Womanist Thinking 
6. Black Theology after James Cone 
7. Black Lives Matter 
8. Conclusion: God Is Our Salvation 
Selected Bibliography