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Stories with Intent
A Comprehensive Guide to the Parables of Jesus
HARDCOVER; Published: 2/16/2018
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7569-3
912 Pages
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Winner of the 2009 Christianity Today Award for Biblical Studies, Stories with Intent offers pastors and students a comprehensive and accessible guide to Jesus' parables. Klyne Snodgrass explores in vivid detail the historical context in which these stories were told, the part they played in Jesus' overall message, and the ways in which they have been interpreted in the church and the academy.

Snodgrass begins by surveying the primary issues in parables interpretation and providing an overview of other parables—often neglected in the discussion—from the Old Testament, Jewish writings, and the Greco-Roman world. He then groups the more important parables of Jesus thematically and offers a comprehensive treatment of each, exploring both background and significance for today. This tenth anniversary edition includes a substantial new chapter that surveys developments in the interpretation of parables since the book's original 2008 publication.
William H. Willimon
"Here in one volume is the latest and best interpretation of the parables of Jesus. This book is sure to be received as a fine resource for engaging proclamation of the parables."
Graham Stanton
"This book is simply a stunning achievement. . . . Scholar and student alike will appreciate its admirable clarity and its numerous fresh suggestions."
Darrell Bock
"Here is a book with intent, and it succeeds exceptionally well in opening up a key dimension of Jesus' ministry and teaching."