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Jesus in Jerusalem
The Last Days

HARDCOVER; Published: 9/18/2018
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7580-8
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704 Pages
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This is the first book to describe and analyze, sequentially and in detail, all the persons, places, times, and events mentioned in the Gospel accounts of Jesus’s last week in Jerusalem.

Part reference guide, part theological exploration, Eckhard Schnabel’s Jesus in Jerusalem uses the biblical text and recent archaeological evidence to find meaning in Jesus’s final days on earth. Schnabel profiles the seventy-two people and groups and the seventeen geographic locations named in the four passion narratives. Placing the events of Jesus’s last days in chronological order, he unpacks their theological significance, finding that Jesus’s passion, death, and resurrection can be understood historically as well as from a faith perspective.

Craig S. Keener
— Asbury Theological Seminary
“As always, Eckhard Schnabel’s work is comprehensive, independent, insightful, and well documented, critically engaging a wide range of scholarship and other sources. We see the full fruit of such massive scholarship on display here.”
D. A. Carson
— Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
“Many have undertaken to write about Jesus’ last days in Jerusalem, but few have done so with Schnabel’s magisterial command of the sources, both Jewish and Greco-Roman, or with his knowledge of the secondary literature. Despite the erudition packed into this work, the writing is straightforward and clear. This is a volume for everyone who claims to be interested in the passion of Jesus—for skeptics and the devout alike, for academics and pastors. No one will be able to engage this literature in the future without weighing the careful and detailed work of Eckhard Schnabel.”
Craig A. Evans (from foreword)
— Houston Baptist University
“Eckhard Schnabel has emerged as one of the world’s foremost New Testament scholars. . . . No stone is left unturned in this remarkable book, which focuses on Passion Week, from Palm Sunday, when Jesus entered Jerusalem, to Easter Sunday, when Jesus was resurrected. . . . Every reader will be impressed by the depth of learning reflected in this comprehensive, encyclopedic book. . . . [It is] a satisfying and illuminating study of what many will agree was the most important week in human history.”
Expository Times
“There is much in this extensive treatment that is valuable and helpful.”
Review of Biblical Literature
“Schnabel’s Jesus in Jerusalem is an industrious work and a remarkable achievement from a combined historical and confessional perspective. Both as to form and content, it is a virtual encyclopedia of information packaged in something of a handbook form, to which scholars, students, and interested readers will beneficially draw in connection with current and future study.”
Religious Studies Review
“This book would most likely be a great interest to a wide audience—undergraduate, graduate, scholarly, and pastoral audiences. It would be a wonderful reference tool for courses on the Gospels, NT Introduction, the Person and Work of Jesus, and Biblical Theology. Highly Recommended.”