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Ethnicity and Inclusion
Religion, Race, and Whiteness in Constructions of Jewish and Christian Identities
David G. Horrell
Foreword by Judith M. Lieu

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Some of today’s problematic ideologies of racial and religious difference can be traced back to constructions of the relationship between Judaism and early Christianity. New Testament studies, which developed contemporaneously with Europe’s colonial expansion and racial ideologies, is, David Horrell argues, therefore an important site at which to probe critically these ideological constructions and their contemporary implications. 

In Ethnicity and Inclusion, Horrell explores the ways in which “ethnic” (and “religious”) characteristics feature in key Jewish and early Christian texts, challenging the widely accepted dichotomy between a Judaism that is ethnically defined and a Christianity that is open and inclusive. Then, through an engagement with whiteness studies, he offers a critique of the implicit whiteness and Christianness that continue to dominate New Testament studies today, arguing that a diversity of embodied perspectives is epistemologically necessary.

Table of Contents

I: Contexts of Research
1. A Persistent Structural Dichotomy: Jewish Ethnic Particularism and Christian Inclusivism
2. Ethnicity, Race, and Ancient Jewish and Christian Identities: Themes in Recent Research
3. Ethnicity, Race, and Religion in Social-Scientific Perspective
II: Comparisons of Jewish and Early Christian Perspectives
4. Shared Descent: Ancestry, Kinship, Marriage, and Family
5. A Common Way of Life: Culture, Practice, and the Socialization of Children
6. Homeland: Territory and Symbolic Constructions of Space
7. Becoming a People: Self-Consciousness and Ethnicization
8. Mission and Conversion: Joining the People
III: Reflections on Location and Epistemology
9. Implicit Whiteness and Christian Superiority: The Epistemological Challenge

Ethnicity and Inclusion is surely one of the most important books written in New Testament studies in the last few decades. With nuance, care, and admirable self-awareness, David Horrell demonstrates not just how white, male, and Christian the field has been, but the implications of these facts and where we might go from here. We have much work to do in the coming years, but Horrell has shown us where to start.”
— Chris Keith
St. Mary’s University