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Cruciform Scripture
Cross, Participation, and Mission

PAPERBACK; Published: 1/5/2021
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7637-9
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336 Pages
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What does it mean to participate in the cruciform Lord Jesus Christ so that our life together becomes a living exegesis of the gospel? 

Michael Gorman has been tremendously influential in exploring this question within the New Testament, particularly in the letters of Paul, the Gospel of John, and the book of Revelation. His 2001 book Cruciformity: Paul’s Narrative Spirituality of the Cross inspired a generation of scholars and was the first in a trilogy of New Testament theology devoted to exploring the role of the cross, participation in Christ, and becoming the gospel in mission. Here, an assemblage of some of the best and brightest current New Testament exegetes honor Gorman’s work with contributions of their own, each of which further explores these three critical themes in various passages of the New Testament. 

Cruciform Scripture is more than a tribute to a giant of biblical scholarship. Its contributors (including N. T. Wright, Sylvia Keesmaat, and Richard Hays) are masters in their own right who offer incisive interpretations of essential themes of New Testament theology and the core concerns of Christian life in community. As they reason together in this volume, they amplify one another’s voices as well as Gorman’s, modeling a way that careful reflection on Paul’s determination to “know nothing . . . except Jesus Christ and him crucified” can engender fruitful insights on the nature of discipleship.


Ben C. Blackwell, Sherri Brown, Frank E. Dicken, Dennis R. Edwards, Rebekah Eklund, Dean Flemming, Patricia Fosarelli, Stephen E. Fowl, Nijay K. Gupta, Richard B. Hays, Andy Johnson, Sylvia C. Keesmaat, Brent Laytham, Christopher W. Skinner, Klyne R. Snodgrass, Drew J. Strait, and N. T. Wright.

Table of Contents

     Brent Laytham and Pat Fosarelli
Part One: The Cross and the Cruciform Life
     1. Matthew, the Cross, and the Cruciform Life
          Rebekah Eklund
     2. The Crucified One: Jesus’s Death and Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark
          Richard B. Hays
     3. Luke and the Cross: A Vision of Crucicentric Discipleship
          Frank E. Dicken
     4. The Johannine Cross as Revelation of the Father: Finding a Cruciform God in the Fourth Gospel
          Christopher W. Skinner
     5. Cruciformity and the Believer’s Governing Faculties: Rethinking Ἡγεομαι in Philippians
          Nijay K. Gupta
Part Two: Participation in Christ, One with God
     6. Grasping and Being Grasped: Gift and Agency in Paul
          Stephen E. Fowl
     7. Baptized into Christ: Romans 6:3–4—the Text on Baptism and Participation
          Klyne Snodgrass
     8. The Holy Spirit, Justification, and Participation in the Divine Life in Galatians
          Ben C. Blackwell
     9. Participation in Christ in 1 Peter
          Dennis R. Edwards
Part Three: Becoming the Gospel in Mission
     10. “Follow Me”: The Mandate for Mission in the Gospel of John
          Sherri Brown
     11. An Alternative Global Imaginary: Imperial Rome’s Pax Romana and Luke’s “Counter Violent” Missio Dei
          Drew J. Strait
     12. The Past, Present, and Future of Bodily Resurrection as Salvation: Christ, Church, and Cosmos
          Andy Johnson
     13. Mother Zion Rejoices: Psalm 87 as a Missing Link in Galatians 4
          N. T. Wright
     14. Citizenship and Empire: A Missional Engagement with Ephesians
          Sylvia C. Keesmaat
     15. Following the Lamb Wherever He Goes: Missional Ecclesiology in Revelation 7 and 14:1–5
          Dean Flemming
     Brian Gorman, Amy Caruso, Mark Gorman
Dr. Michael J. Gorman: Cursus Vitae
“This is a collection of first-rate essays that celebrate Michael Gorman’s work by pursuing his own central concerns in fresh directions. Like his own work, they exemplify attentive exegesis that overflows into the theology and the life of the contemporary church.”
— Richard Bauckham
University of Cambridge
“It is a sign of truly important scholarship that it not only receives recognition but also inspires other scholars to continue to press its insights. Michael Gorman has been one of the key providers of truly important scholarship in our generation as he has tirelessly promoted the significance of participation to any deep understanding of what the New Testament is trying to say. The debt we owe Gorman is attested not just by the fine assembly of scholars in this volume who honor his life and work but also by the way their scholarly contributions here engage directly with his interpretations and continue his work, deepening and widening its insights still further.”
— Douglas A. Campbell
Duke Divinity School
“Michael Gorman’s participationist model has made peace with the other approaches to Pauline scholarship. Where some have said ‘I am of Luther, I am of Calvin, I am of Wesley, or I am of Sanders or Dunn or Wright or Campbell,’ Gorman took their best insights to find a more expansive place for exploring Paul. Each of these friends and students of Gorman expresses that peacemaking approach of Gorman, as his participationist model of redemption is explored in other facets of the New Testament. This will be a blessing for all of us.”
— Scot McKnight
Northern Seminary
Cruciform Scripture is a fitting tribute for a trend-setting biblical scholar, and it will repay careful attention from Gorman’s fellow exegetes.”