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The Miracle Lady
Kathryn Kuhlman and the Transformation of Charismatic Christianity

Amy Collier Artman
Foreword by Kate Bowler
PAPERBACK; Published: 3/19/2019
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7670-6
Price: $ 28.00
248 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9

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Series: Library of Religious Biography

A smart, powerful, charismatic preacher brought back to life

On October 15, 1974, Johnny Carson welcomed his next guest on The Tonight Show with these words: “I imagine there are very few people who are not aware of Kathryn Kuhlman. She probably, along with Billy Graham, is one of the best-known ministers or preachers in the country.” But while many people today recognize Billy Graham, not many remember Kathryn Kuhlman (1907–1976), who preached faith and miracles to countless people over the fifty-five years of her ministry and became one of the most important figures in the rise of charismatic Christianity.

In The Miracle Lady Amy Collier Artman tells the story of Kuhlman’s life and, in the process, relates the larger story of charismatic Christianity, particularly how it moved from the fringes of American society to the mainstream. Tracing her remarkable career as a media-savvy preacher and fleshing out her unconventional character, Artman also shows how Kuhlman skillfully navigated the oppressive structures, rules, and landmines that surrounded female religious leaders in her conservative circles.


— Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“Artman, religious studies instructor at Missouri State University, provides an engrossing portrait of Kathryn Kuhlman (1907–1976), a leading figure in charismatic Christianity and ‘miracle healing,’ in her strong debut. . . . This is an excellent biography that rightly situates Kuhlman alongside evangelists such as Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, and Jim Bakker.”