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Paul's Theology in Context
Creation, Incarnation, Covenant, and Kingdom
PAPERBACK; Published: 1/22/2019
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7678-2
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264 Pages
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This accessible text by James P. Ware provides both a concise guide to Paul’s theology and a general introduction to the key issues and debates in the contemporary study of Paul. 

Examining Paul’s message in the context of the ancient world, Ware identifies what would have struck Paul’s original audience as startling or unique. By comparing Paul’s teaching to the other religions and philosophies of that day, Ware presents a fresh perspective on Paul’s theology, revealing four pillars of his thought: creation, incarnation, covenant, and kingdom. After examining each of these dimensions of Paul’s gospel, Ware explores the historical role of Paul within Christian origins and the astounding evidence embedded in his letters regarding the beginnings of Christianity and the eyewitness origins of the gospels. 

Clergy, students, and laypeople will find that this guide to the big picture of Paul’s theology will illumine and enliven the study, preaching, and teaching of all the Pauline letters.

Catholic Media Association CMA Book Awards Theology - Theological and Philosophical Studies Second Place (2020)
Frank Thielman
— Beeson Divinity School
“This is a beautifully written study of Paul’s place in early Christianity and a crisp, clear introduction to his thought. It engages the latest scholarship on the apostle without resorting to tedious summaries of what everyone else is saying and, at the same time, supports its own more traditional understanding of Paul with arguments that are fresh and persuasive. Readers may differ on this or that point, but they will find this study clear, evenhanded, and engaging at every turn.”
Glen L. Thompson
— Asia Lutheran Seminary
“An amazing synthesis of Paul’s thought. All the key doctrines are covered, while grouped around the key concepts that progressively form a comprehensive whole. Paul’s Theology in Context would be an excellent book to provide any Christian pastor or educated layperson with a picture of Paul’s worldview—and it is ideal in depth, length, and content as a textbook for any college or seminary course on Paul and his theology.”