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Eastern Christianity
A Reader
HARDCOVER; Coming Soon: 11/18/2021
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7686-7
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English translations of Syriac, Armenian, Georgian, Arabic, Coptic, and Ethiopic Christian texts from late antiquity to the early modern period 

In order to make the writings of Eastern Christianity more widely accessible this volume offers a collection of significant texts from various Eastern Christian traditions, many of which are appearing in English for the first time. The internationally renowned scholars behind these translations begin each section with an informative historical introduction, so that anyone interested in learning more about these understudied groups can more easily traverse their diverse linguistic, cultural, and literary traditions. A boon to scholars, students, and general readers, this ample resource expands the scope of Christian history so that communities beyond Western Christendom can no longer be ignored.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Syriac
Introduction to Syriac Christianity
     General Bibliography for Syriac Christianity
     1. The Doctrina Addai
     2. Ephrem the Syrian, Hymns against Heresies 3 and 53
     3. Martyrdom of Mīles, Abursam, and Sinay
     4. Jacob of Serug, The Fourth Homily on Cain and Abel
     5. Narsai, On the Canaanite Woman
     6. Simeon of Beth Arsham, Letter on the Ḥimyarite Martyrs
     7. The Syriac Life of Mary of Egypt
     8. Timothy I, Letter 47
     9. Theodore bar Koni, Scholion, Mēmrā 10 (selection)
Chapter Two: Armenian
     Introduction to Armenian Christianity
     General Bibliography for Armenian Christianity
     1. Koriwn, The Life of Mashtotsʿ
     2. Eznik of Koghb, Refutation of the Sects (or, On God)
     3. The Teaching of Saint Grigor
     4. Anania of Narek, On This Transitory World
     5. Grigor of Narek, Book of Lamentation, Discourse 1, Discourse 88
     6. Nersēs Shnorhali, Hymn for the Sunrise Hour, Instructional Preface to a Prayer of Nersēs, Prayer of Nersēs
Chapter Three: Georgian
     Introduction to Georgian Christianity
     General Bibliography for Georgian Christianity
     1. Martyrdom of St. Shushanik
     2. John Sabanisże, Martyrdom of Habo, the Perfumer from Baghdad
     3. The Lives of John the Iberian, Euthymios the Athonite, and George the Athonite
     4. The Life of Porphyry of Gaza
Chapter Four: Arabic
     Introduction to Arabic Christianity
     General Bibliography for Arabic Christianity
     1. Homilies on the Gospel Readings for Holy Week
     2. Theodore Abū Qurrah, That God Is Not Weak
     3. The Disputation of Abraham of Tiberias
     4. Ḥunayn Ibn Isḥāq, How to Discern the True Religion
     5. Miracles of Saint George
     6. Commentary on the Pentateuch
Chapter Five: Coptic
     Introduction to Coptic Christianity
     General Bibliography for Coptic Christianity
     1. Life of Pachomius
     2. Shenoute of Atripe, I Have Been Reading the Holy Gospels
     3. Pseudo-Dioscorus of Alexandria, Encomium on Macarius of Tkōou
     4. The Anaphora of Saint Thomas the Apostle
     5. Christophoria, Letter to the Comes Mena
     6. John of Paralos, Homily on the Archangel Michael and the Blasphemous Books of the Heretics
     7. Pseudo-Cyril of Alexandria, Encomium Interpreting Part of the Apocalypse of John the Apostle of Christ Jesus
Chapter Six: Ethiopic
     Introduction to Ethiopic Christianity
     General Bibliography for Ethiopic Christianity
     1. Select Inscriptions of ˁEzana
     2. Homily on Frumentius
     3. Synaxarion on Yared
     4. Glory of the Kings (Kǝbrä Nägäśt) (selection)
     5. Hildephonsus, Bishop of Toledo, Miracles of Mary
     6. Zärˀä Yaˁəqob, Book of the Trinity
     7. Prayer Amulet: MS Duke Ethiopic 15