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Walk Humbly
Encouragements for Living, Working, and Being
HARDCOVER; Published: 3/5/2019
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7696-6
Price: $ 16.00
112 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 5 x 8
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Max Ehrmann’s prose poem “Desiderata,” with its direct instructions —“go placidly,” “enjoy your achievements,” and others— has inspired millions of readers.

In the spirit of Ehrmann’s “Desiderata,” world-renowned ethicist, theologian, and preacher Samuel Wells offers eight encourage­ments to readers in Walk Humbly, his own more extended prose poem. Each simple, direct exhortation—be humble, be grateful, be your own size, be gentle, be a person of praise, be faithful, be one body, be a blessing—is accompanied by thought-provoking, insightful comments.

Drawing on startlingly perceptive observations of contemporary life and reflecting a deep knowledge of philosophical and religious wisdom, Wells’s Walk Humbly will inspire readers to stop, reflect, and think deeply about essential existence.

Catholic Library World
“A deceptively short book that is profoundly wise. . . . Wells is especially gifted at turning ‘common sense’ on its head, showing that our view of ourselves and our world is badly out of focus, and how seemingly minor adjustments result in entirely new perspectives.”