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Where the Eye Alights
Phrases for the Forty Days of Lent
HARDCOVER; Published: 1/5/2021
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7698-0
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128 Pages
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Lent is about more than going to church on weekdays and giving up chocolate or social media. It’s also a time to form one’s heart and mind through study and prayer. In Where the Eye Alights, Marilyn McEntyre offers forty short meditations, based on excerpts from Scripture and poetry, that guide readers on a devotional journey from Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday. As in lectio divina—the spiritual practice of reading Scripture repetitively and meditatively—McEntyre invites us to notice words that may give us pause and summon us to reflection. This book calls our attention to how the Spirit speaks through phrases that can open doors to deep places for those willing to sit still with them. 

“Lent is a time of permission,” says McEntyre. “Many of us find it hard to give ourselves permission to pause, to sit still, to reflect or meditate or pray in the midst of daily occupations—most of them very likely worthy in themselves—that fill our waking minds and propel us out of bed and on to the next thing. We need the explicit invitation the liturgical year provides to change pace, to curtail our busyness a bit, to make our times with self and God a little more spacious, a little more leisurely, and see what comes. The reflections I offer here come from a very simple practice of daily meditation on whatever has come to mind in the quiet of early morning.”

Table of Contents

Schedule of Readings
1. Remember that you are dust . . .
2. Into the wilderness
3. Watch and pray
4. Repentance and rest
5. Broader than the measures of the mind
6. Like birds hovering
7. Every riven thing
8. Centering first
9. Unfolding
10. A people prepared
11. By every word
12. Lovely in limbs, and lovely in eyes not his
13. Their humble little souls
14. Going about our business
15. Like pollen or manna
16. A way of knowing
17. Love in the open hand
18. We’ll pass it on to you
19. Where we walk
20. Loving listening
21. “I don’t have all the time in the world, but I have all night”
22. Getting the news from poems
23. Could I have a word?
24. Suffer the little children
25. Weep with those who weep
26. Dulce et decorum
27. Riding on the wind
28. Recognition and epiphany
29. Evils done on our behalf
30. Prayer is a place
31. And the Spirit of God came upon him
32. Imitation of Christ
33. Too much with us
34. A multitude keeping festival
35. Money changing
36. What is common to mankind
37. Whom shall I fear?
38. Different from all other nights
39. Stations of the Cross
40. The harrowing of hell