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The Psalms as Christian Praise
A Historical Commentary
PAPERBACK; Published: 11/19/2019
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7702-4
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354 Pages
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Two respected scholars explore the heart of the Psalms

Following in the style of their companion volumes, The Psalms as Christian Worship and The Psalms as Christian Lament, Bruce Waltke and James Houston now explore the depths of Christian praise. Each volume uniquely blends verse-by-verse commentary with a history of Psalms interpretation in the church from the time of the apostles to the present. 

Since praise is the essence of the book of Psalms, Waltke and Houston have narrowed the focus to Book IV of the Psalter (Psalms 90-106), which magnify God and proclaim him king. To give voice to the psalmist, the authors (carefully) translate and explain each psalm and summarize its theological message. This is followed by listening to the voice of godly churchmen whose comments have stood the test of time. The Psalms as Christian Praise is ideal for anyone seeking to better understand the praise of Israel as found in the Psalms and how Christians also use these Psalms in worship.

Clint McCann
— Eden Theological Seminary
“With this volume, Bruce Waltke and James Houston complete an impressive trilogy that relates the Psalms to Christian worship, lament, and praise. Their exegesis is extraordinarily well informed, and their attention to the history of interpretation of the Psalms makes it eminently clear how the Psalms have served and continue to serve as Christian praise.”
Praise for The Psalms as Christian Worship and The Psalms as Christian Lament:
Review of Biblical Literature
“Serves both academy and church well.”
— John Walton
“A treasure trove of wisdom from reliable scholars who know the obstacles inherent in the Hebrew text but also have long experience distilling biblical insights for the benefit of the church.”
— J. I. Packer
“Masterful exegesis here blends with luminous theological perspectives and pastoral insights.”
“A beautiful example of reading the Bible along with the church through the ages.”
Catholic Library World
“Beautifully planned and written with much knowledge and insight, each chapter enlightens and gives a more complete understanding of each of the twelve praise psalms about which the authors have written.”
Society for Old Testament Study Book List
“The translations by [Waltke] and his discussion of form and rhetoric provide a useful commentary.”
The Expository Times
“Waltke’s insightful exegesis sparkles. The subsequent explanatory comments by Houston add further possible interpretations. . . . This commentary and its unique approach prove to be profitable in understanding the psalms.”
Review of Biblical Literature
“This is a valuable theological reading of selected psalms that continues the work begun in the earlier volumes.”
Reviews in Religion & Theology
“Waltke and Houston are to be commended for seeking to bring together exegetical and theological reflection in this way.”