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Digital Life Together
The Challenge of Technology for Christian Schools
PAPERBACK; Published: 5/5/2020
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7703-1
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384 Pages
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Digital technologies loom large in the experience of today’s students. However, parents, teachers, and school leaders have only started to take stock of the ramifications for teaching, learning, and faith.
Based on a three-year in-depth study of Christian schools, Digital Life Together walks educators, school leaders, and parents through some of the big ideas that are hidden in our technology habits, going beyond general arguments for or against digital devices to address the nuanced realities of Christian education in a twenty-first-century context.

Table of Contents

PART ONE: Orientation
1. A Shifting Landscape
2. A Faith Tapestry
3. What is Technology?
4. What This Book Offers
5. Modern Christian Schools in Context
PART TWO: Mission
6. Understanding the School’s Mission
7. Why Technology? Community Perceptions of the Mission
8. Communicating the Mission: How the Vision was Received
9. Do Laptops Support the School’s Mission?
10. Reaching Beyond the Mission Statement: A Tapestry of Faith Strategies
PART THREE: Teaching and Learning
11. Pursuing Pedagogical Play
12. Digital or Not? The Art of Daily Choice
13. Preparing Minds: Inquiry and Life-Long Learning
14. Preparing Minds: Higher-Order Thinking
15. Preparing Minds: Differentiation and Inclusion
16. The Benefits of Efficient Tools
17. Completing Assignments, but Cheating Ourselves
PART FOUR: Discernment
18. What is Christian Discernment?
19. Christian Discernment and Digital Citizenship
20. How Does Discernment Shape School Policy?
21. Are Students Getting Too Much Screen Time?
22. Keeping the Good from the Bad: Moral Boundaries
23. Fitting and Monitoring Internet Use: Does It Help?
24. Discernment and Consumerism
25. Teaching a Christian Perspective
PART FIVE: Formation
26. How Do Beliefs Relate to Practices?
27. How Do Laptops Foster Connections to the Wider World?
28. Limitations of Digital Engagement with the Wider World
29. Are Students Really Paying Attention?
30. Teaching Slow Learning
31. Can Spiritual Disciplines Help with Technology?
32. Who Takes Responsibility for Distraction?
PART SIX: Community
33. Faith, Practices, and Community
34. Shifting Relational Dynamics
35. Does Technology Use Increase Collaboration?
36. Parents’ Roles and Perspectives
37. Parent Communication and Information Overload
38. Time, Workload, and Boundaries
39. The Finish Line Keeps Moving

"This is a gem of a book. Reports of educational research are often hard work for the professional educator and difficult to apply in school. This book is exactly the opposite. It combines rigorous research with a highly accessible written style and practical outcomes for schools to implement. The challenge of integrating technology with Christian learning is dealt with through an in-depth case study. The clear structure, frequent summaries, easily digestible chapters, and thought-provoking questions make this a masterpiece in communication. Every Christian school should have at least one copy in its staff library and use it for staff development."
— Trevor Cooling
National Institute for Christian Education Research
Canterbury Christ Church University
“Through their close study, the authors cogently map out the complex ‘faith-technology-teaching-learning tapestry’ in the Christian school. Not only will every Christian school educator, student, and parent see their experiences reflected in this book, they’ll also be challenged toward technology-based practice that is missionally aligned, encourages both creativity and discernment, and enriches Christian formation and community.”
— Lynn E. Swaner
Association of Christian Schools International
“Here, finally, is wisdom about the role of technology in Christian teaching and learning that is neither blind enthusiasm nor defensive dismissal. Rooted in empirical research rather than anecdotal impressions, this remarkable book helps us learn from what is happening to better frame what we hope might happen. This is an excellent catalyst for a conversation that all faith-based school communities need to have. Highly recommended for teachers, administrators, and the families investing in Christian schooling.”
— James K. A. Smith
Calvin University
author of Desiring the Kingdom and You Are What You Love
“The authors of Digital Life Together demonstrate the beauty of excellent Christian research. They not only help us think about how to use our digital tools, they demonstrate how to use our social-scientific tools for learning. They employ quantitative studies, focus groups, case studies, classroom observations, and in-depth interviews to illuminate the complex realities and challenges of educational life with technology. As a result, they do not simply supply us with surface-level tips and techniques, they impart deep Christian wisdom about technology use in the Christian classroom gleaned from the field. Every Christian educator needs to read this book.”
— Perry L. Glanzer
Baylor University
author of The Outrageous Idea of Christian Teaching