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Written to Be Heard
Recovering the Messages of the Gospels

POD; Published: 3/14/2019
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7704-8
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389 Pages
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Recovers the lost messages of Mark, Matthew, Luke-Acts, and John for people today

The words of the gospels were meant to be heard. While we can still appreciate the construction and grasp some understanding when we read, we miss much of the message because we’re working in the wrong medium. In Written to Be Heard Paul Borgman and Kelly James Clark offer the keys to recovering the radical, relevant messages of each gospel as they were first heard.

The shaping of the gospels for oral performances, which would have been obvious to ancient (mostly preliterate) listeners, is lost on even the best contemporary reader. With careful analysis of the gospel writers’ particular voices within their own ancient literary context, Borgman and Clark equip readers to read as if hearing, focusing on overlapping patterns of hearing cues that shape each text and embed theological perspective.

The Expository Times
“An attractive feature of this book is its use of metaphors drawn from music and literature to describe the patterning the authors find in each Gospel.”
Journal for the Study of the New Testament
“This book is a fresh and thought-provoking work for those who are particularly keen on literary criticism, as it skillfully employs literary devices to shed fresh light on the message of the gospels.”