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Gospel Witness through the Ages
A History of Evangelism
PAPERBACK; Coming Soon: 2/24/2022
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7728-4
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464 Pages
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Christians have been sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with nonbelievers for two thousand years. Within this deep history is wisdom for today—including numerous models for understanding what evangelism is and how it should be done. 

In Gospel Witness through the Ages, David Gustafson introduces readers to evangelism’s noteworthy persons, movements, and methods from the entire scope of church history—including both examples to emulate and examples to avoid. With this thorough historical approach, Gustafson expands the reader’s conception of the evangelistic task and suggests new ways to shape our identity as gospel witnesses today through the influence of these earlier generations of Christians. 

With discussion questions for further reflection and primary sources from major evangelistic figures of the past, Gospel Witness through the Ages is the most definitive history of evangelism available—essential for understanding how Christians today can continue proclaiming the gospel to the whole world, as Christians have in every century past.

Table of Contents

1. Beginning of Christian Evangelism
2. Early Church Evangelism
3. Christendom and Monastic Evangelism
4. Medieval Evangelism
5. Renaissance Evangelism
6. Reformation Evangelism
7. Pietist Evangelism
8. Revival Evangelism
9. Frontier to Urban Evangelism
10. Social Gospel versus Soul-Saving Evangelism
11. Global Indigenous Evangelism
12. Personal to Holistic Evangelism
Epilogue: Evangelism in the Twenty-First Century