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The Land and Its Kings
1-2 Kings
PAPERBACK; Published: 7/14/2020
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7745-1
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352 Pages
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In The Land and Its Kings biblical scholar Johanna van Wijk-Bos accompanies the reader across a large sweep of the story of Israel, from the end of King David’s reign through the fall of Jerusalem approximately 400 years later. She views these memories of Israel’s past, as they are woven together in Kings, from the perspective of the traumatic context of postexilic Judah. 

Van Wijk-Bos writes as a scholar of the Bible with deep commitments to feminism and issues of gender within patriarchal structures and ideologies. The voices and presence of women in the accounts receive special attention. 

As in the previous volumes of A People and a Land, van Wijk-Bos offers a close reading of the Hebrew text in translation to reacquaint readers with the path taken by Israel as the  people embraced a form of monarchy, subsequently compromised their allegiance to God,, and were ultimately exiled from the land. She presents the multiplicity of voices which the collectors of this material let stand as an essential part of the complex history of their community. Van Wijk-Bos invites readers to enter into the text with questions and to find a way forward to draw closer to the presence of the Most Holy.

Table of Contents

Cycle I: A New Day Dawns: 1 Kings 1:1–11:41
Cycle II: The Beginning of the End: 1 Kings 12:1–16:34
Cycle III: The Struggle for Life: 1 Kings 17:1–2 Kings 8:6
Cycle IV: The Tumult of War: 2 Kings 8:7–13:25
Cycle V: The Road to Collapse: 2 Kings 14:1–17:41
Cycle VI: The Final Years: 2 Kings 18:1–25:30

Review of Biblical Literature
“Van Wijk-Bos throughout the commentary handles Kings in a most capable manner, frequently having keen insights into the text.”