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A Theological and Pastoral Commentary
HARDCOVER; Published: 3/31/2022
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7762-8
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349 Pages
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 “Above all, Romans is a letter about Spirit-enabled participation and transformation in Christ and his story, and thus in the mission of God in the world.” 

This commentary engages the letter to the Romans as Christian scripture and highlights the Pauline themes for which Michael Gorman is best known—participation and transformation, cruciformity and new life, peace and justice, community and mission. With extensive introductions both to the apostle Paul and to the letter itself, Gorman offers background information on Paul’s first-century context before proceeding into the rich theological landscape of the biblical text. 

In line with Paul’s focus on Christian living, Gorman interprets Romans at a consistently practical level, highlighting the letter’s significance for Christian theology, daily life, and pastoral ministry. Questions for reflection and sidebars on important concepts make this especially useful for those preparing to preach or teach from Romans—the “epistle of life,” as Gorman calls it, for its extraordinary promise that, through faith, we might walk in newness of life with Christ.

Table of Contents

Introducing Paul
          Approaching Paul
          Paul’s Life and Ministry
          Paul’s Theology and Spirituality
          Reflections and Questions for the Introduction to Paul
          For Further Reading
Introducing Romans
          The Story behind the Letter
          The Shape of the Letter
          The Story within the Letter
          The Story in Front of the Letter
          A Note about Two Key Terms: Church and Believers
          Reflections and Questions for the Introduction to Romans
          For Further Reading and Study
Commentary with Reflections and Questions
          1:1–17 Opening and Theme: The Gospel of God’s Son, Power, and Justice for the Salvation of All
          1:18–4:25 God’s Faithful, Merciful, and Just Response to Human Sin
          5:1–8:39 The Character of Justification by Faith: Righteousness and Reconciliation; Liberation and Life
          9:1–11:36 God’s Faithfulness and Mercy and the Future of Israel
          12:1–15:13 Faithful Living before the Faithful God: Cruciform Holiness and Hospitality
          15:14–33 Paul’s Mission and God’s Plan
          16:1–27 Closing

Crux Sola Best NT Book Award (2022)
“Michael Gorman’s commentary on Romans faithfully illuminates the Apostle Paul’s complex proclamation of the gospel. While carefully explaining different possible interpretations, Gorman sets forth his own powerful reading of the letter: that it is a proclamation of the life-giving, life-transforming justice of God, as well as an urgent invitation to participate in the new community created by the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Gorman, a master teacher, provides a rich historical and theological exposition, never losing sight of the question of what matters for Christian communities today. This commentary belongs on the desk of everyone whose vocation is to preach and teach the gospel.”
— Richard B. Hays
Duke University
“Michael Gorman is that rare scholar of eminent distinction who is willing to read the Pauline letters as Christian scripture. His approach is ecumenically sensitive, appealing to what Protestants and Catholics hold in common. And his analysis reprises the great themes for which he is justly famous: participation, cruciformity, transformation, and mission. Widely accessible, this commentary will be useful (on the one hand) to scholars, teachers, and preachers, and (on the other) to interested lay readers.”
— Scott Hahn
Franciscan University of Steubenville
“Michael Gorman’s commentary on Romans is an accessible and enriching journey into Paul’s most important letter. Gorman offers a cogent and compelling approach to the letter, full of great insights and details, in order to help pastors and students come to grips with Paul’s most famous text. This is Gorman at his exegetical best!”
— Michael F. Bird
Ridley College, Melbourne
“As one expects from Michael Gorman, this commentary is theologically rich as well as spiritually inviting and edifying. It is accessible and practical yet well-informed. Aware of debates and engaging controversial questions, where necessary, Gorman remains characteristically generous and Christ-focused.”
— Craig S. Keener
Asbury Theological Seminary
“Gorman christens Paul’s letter to the Romans ‘the epistle of life,’ a message of God’s saving grace that creates multicultural, cruciform communities in Christ. Gorman’s conversational style, accessible interpretations, and penetrating reflections unlock Paul’s message, inviting readers to participate in God’s missional work to pursue peace and justice in the church and among all peoples.”
— Lynn H. Cohick
Northern Seminary
“Michael Gorman reads Romans as a manifesto about participating in the life of God. The audience for this accessible commentary, like Paul’s original audience, is the community of believers, not just scholars. Since Gorman reads Romans as Christian scripture, we encounter the letter as a living document for the church today, and he leads us to encounter and embody God’s grace in Christ and through the Spirit.”
— Ben C. Blackwell
Houston Theological Seminary
“This commentary is a splendid example of one of today’s leading Pauline scholars engaging Romans as Christian scripture. Although geared toward students rather than scholars, it is thoroughly informed by recent scholarship on Paul and his first-century context. It offers an exceedingly clear and accessible participationist reading of Romans that is theologically, pastorally, and missionally insightful. Its helpful introduction to Paul’s life and theology and frequent summaries that help its reader not to lose sight of the forest for the trees make this the ideal classroom commentary. It will be on my Romans syllabus for the foreseeable future.”
— Andy Johnson
Nazarene Theological Seminary
“Michael Gorman’s commentary on Romans shows why he is recognized as one of the most distinguished Pauline scholars in America today. Written for a wider audience, it explains the pastoral, theological, and spiritual dimensions of Paul’s most important letter for the church of our day. Eminently readable, always insightful, this commentary accomplishes what few have done: it makes Paul’s message accessible and relevant to the lives of everyday believers.”
— Frank J. Matera
The Catholic University of America
“Gorman has presented a different kind of commentary—theological and pastoral, yes, but also a gift from an experienced teacher who loves Scripture.”
The Christian Century
“This is not a commentary that hovers over every word or phrase. Plenty of others have accomplished that well. It is a theological and pastoral commentary that will edify the church and stimulate the classroom.”
The Englewood Review of Books
“Gorman’s commentary is substantive, sophisticated, and accessible. . . . This book deserves a place on the shelves of pastors who preach on Romans, and in church libraries that assist readers in understanding Paul’s account of God’s work, so that believers can respond to that same grace, as Christ in the world.”