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Dear White Christians
For Those Still Longing for Racial Reconciliation
Jennifer Harvey
Second Edition
PAPERBACK; Coming Soon: 9/15/2020
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7791-8
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288 Pages
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Series: Prophetic Christianity

“If reconciliation is the takeaway point for the civil rights story we usually tell, then the takeaway point for the more complex, more truthful civil rights story contained in Dear White Christians is reparations.” — from the preface to the second edition 

With the troubling and painful events of the last several years—from the shooting of numerous unarmed Black men at the hands of police to the rallying of white supremacists in Charlottesville—it is clearer than ever that the reconciliation paradigm, long favored by white Christians, has failed to heal the deep racial wounds in the church and American society. In this provocative book, originally published in 2014, Jennifer Harvey argues for a radical shift away from the well-meaning but feeble longing for reconciliation toward a robustly biblical call for reparations. 

Now in its second edition—with a preface addressing the explosive changes in American culture and politics since 2014 as well as an appendix that explores what a reparations paradigm can actually look like—Dear White Christians is for justice-committed Christians who are ready to do the gospel-inspired work of opposing racist social structures around them. Harvey’s message is historically and Scripturally rooted, making it ideal for facilitating the difficult but important discussions about race that are so desperately needed in churches and faith-centered classrooms across the country.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition

Part 1: Reconciliation? Where We Are and Why
1. A Reconciliation Paradigm
2. There Is No Racial Parallel
3. Reconciliation Is Not the Answer

Part 2: Reparations! Going Backward before Going Forward
4. The Black Manifesto
5. The Particular Problem of Whiteness
6. A Reparations Paradigm

Part 3: Stirrings of Hope, Pathways of Transformation
7. “We Are Called to Remember Our Entire History”
8. Becoming “Repairers of the Breach”

Dear White Christians addresses whiteness head-on and tells the too-often-ignored story of black power. . . . One of the clearest and most succinct diagnoses of the inadequacies of the popular reconciliation paradigm.”
The Presbyterian Outlook
“A provocative analysis of the current state of race relations. . . . For those who are willing to look deeply into our history—to remember, to repent and to repair—this book is a most valuable resource.”
Anglican Theological Review
“Jennifer Harvey approaches faith-based work against racism with passion and clarity.”
“Harvey offers a clear theological rationale for the reparations paradigm that is accessible to lay readers. . . . [Dear White Christians] makes an excellent contribution in terms of showing the way forward on racial justice issues.”