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The Love That Is God
An Invitation to Christian Faith
Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt
Foreword by Sarah Coakley

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ISBN: 978-0-8028-7795-6
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152 Pages
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“God is love is the radical claim of Christianity,” writes Frederick Bauerschmidt at the beginning of this little meditation on the essentials of Christian faith. Throughout The Love That Is God, Bauerschmidt goes to work breathing life back into that claim, drawing from Scripture, great Christian and non-Christian writers of the past, and his own lived experience to show just how countercultural and subversive Christianity is actually meant to be. 

In a rich yet accessible style reminiscent of C. S. Lewis and N. T. Wright, Bauerschmidt eschews the abstract and dogmatic in favor of the relational and inviting. His ecumenical vision offers something for everyone, from lifelong churchgoers and students of religion to the growing population of “nones” among younger generations who are increasingly seeking spiritual fulfillment outside of institutional Christianity. With further reading suggestions (both scriptural and nonscriptural) at the end of each chapter, The Love That Is God is the perfect starting point of a spiritual journey into deeper relationship with God.

Table of Contents

1. God is love.
2. The love that is God is crucified love.
3. We are called to friendship with the risen Jesus.
4. We cannot love God if we do not love each other.
5. We live our love out from the community created by the Spirit.
Homiletic Epilogue: A sermon for the Sixth Sunday of Easter Season.