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A Theology for the Twenty-First Century
HARDCOVER; Coming Soon: 10/15/2020
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7811-3
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800 Pages
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Christianity in the United States is in crisis. Liberalism is declining, evangelicalism is splintering, increasing numbers of Christians are slipping away from churches, and more and more young people are for various reasons finding Christianity as they conceive it (a metaphysical thought system, or society of science-deniers, or an ideology for oppressors) not just implausible but repellent. At the same time, Christians across denominational and ideological divides are rediscovering a moral core, especially in the Jesus of the Gospels, that reactivates and unites them, and this kind of faith appeals to many who consider themselves averse to all traditional organized religion. But any revitalized Christian faith is going to need to understand its rootedness in, and interpretation of, Christianity’s foundational texts and traditions. 

Noted theologian Douglas F. Ottati steps in to offer a theology for this new era. Combining deep learning in texts and traditions with astute awareness of contemporary questions and patterns of thought and life, he asks: what does it mean, in our time, to understand the God of the Bible as Creator and Redeemer? Distilling the content of Christian faith into seventy concise propositions, he explains each in lucid, cogent prose. A Theology for the Twenty-First Century will be an essential textbook for those training for ministry in our current climate, a wise guide for contemporary believers who wonder how best to understand and communicate their faith, and an inviting and intelligent resource for serious inquirers who wonder whether the way of Jesus might help them grasp the real world while remaining open to the transcendent.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Point of View

1. A Conception of Christian Theology
2. The Formation and Arrangement of Theological Statements

3. The Constitution of the Dynamic World: Cosmic Ecology
4. The Dynamic Continuation of the World: Cosmic Passage
5. Created and Sustained Human Life
6. God the Creator

7. Jesus Christ and the Covenant of Grace
8. The Way, the Truth, and the Life
9. The Spirit and the Church
10. Human Life: Sin and Regeneration
11. The Fragmentation and Renewal of the World: Civil Government, Church, and Sustainability
12. God the Redeemer

Epilogue: The Sense the Trinity Makes