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The Church's Book
Theology of Scripture in Ecclesial Context
Brad East
Foreword by Stephen E. Fowl

HARDCOVER; Coming Soon: 4/26/2022
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7815-1
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440 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 6 x 9
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What role do varied understandings of the church play in the doctrine and interpretation of Scripture? 

In The Church’s Book, Brad East explores recent accounts of the Bible and its exegesis in modern theology and traces the differences made by divergent, and sometimes opposed, theological accounts of the church. Surveying first the work of Karl Barth, then that of John Webster, Robert Jenson, and John Howard Yoder (following an excursus on interpreting Yoder’s work in light of his abuse), East delineates the distinct understandings of Scripture embedded in the different traditions that these notable scholars represent. In doing so, he offers new insight into the current impasse between Christians in their understandings of Scripture—one determined far less by hermeneutical approaches than by ecclesiological disagreements. 

East’s study is especially significant amid the current prominence of the theological interpretation of Scripture, which broadly assumes that the Bible ought to be read in a way that foregrounds confessional convictions and interests. As East discusses in the introduction to his book, that approach to Scripture cannot be separated from questions of ecclesiology—in other words, how we interpret the Bible theologically is dependent upon the context in which we interpret it.

Table of Contents

Part One: Whose Book? History, Academy, and Church
          1. Fault Lines: Theological Interpretation of Scripture and the Place of Ecclesiology
          2. Karl Barth: The Witness of Scripture in the Protestant Church
Part Two: Which Church? Division, Authority, and Catholicity
          3. John Webster: The Holiness of Scripture in the Reformed Church
          4. Robert Jenson: The Drama of Scripture in the Catholic Church
Excursus: Interpreting Yoder’s Work in Light of His Abuse
          5. John Howard Yoder: The Politics of Scripture in the Believers Church
Part Three: Holy Scripture: The Church’s Book in Mission, Tradition, and Doctrine
          6. The Word of God: Theology of Scripture in Ecclesial Context
          7. The People of God: Dogmatics, Divisions, and Hermeneutics