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Thiselton on Hermeneutics
Collected Works with New Essays
POD; Published: 12/30/2019
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7829-8
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843 Pages
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Anthony Thiselton's masterful work in the field of hermeneutics has impacted countless students and scholars over the past several decades. Especially influential was his Two Horizons (1980), a call to take seriously the contexts of both the reader and the text. Thiselton's work continues to carry much weight, yet there has been no single place to go to access a helpful array of his writings -- until now.

Thiselton on Hermeneutics provides select expositions and critical discussions of hermeneutics as a multidisciplinary area. Biblical interpretation, philosophical hermeneutics, literary theory, postmodernism, and Christian theology genuinely interact in these forty-two studies to form a coherent whole. Thiselton's unique interactive and multidisciplinary approach shines through the volume. Ten of these essays -- almost a quarter of the collection -- are new (never published before) or quite recent.

Theologians, biblical scholars, philosophers, and many other academics will appreciate this distillation of the pioneering perspectives and creative insights of Anthony C. Thiselton.