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Renewing the Church by the Spirit
Theological Education after Pentecost
PAPERBACK; Published: 11/3/2020
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7840-3
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Series: Theological Education between the Times

In most parts of the world and especially where Christianity is flourishing, Pentecostal and charismatic movements predominate. What would it look like for the Western world—beset by the narrative of decline—to participate in this global Spirit-driven movement? According to Amos Yong, it all needs to start with the way we approach theological education. 

Renewing the Church by the Spirit makes the case for elevating pneumatology in Christian life, allowing the Spirit to reinvigorate church and mission. Yong shows how this approach would attend to both the rapidly deinstitutionalizing forms of twenty-first-century Christianity and the pressing need for authentic spiritual experiences that marks contemporary religious life. He begins with a broad assessment of our postmodern, post-Enlightenment, post-Christendom ecclesial context, before moving into a detailed outline of how a Spirit-filled approach to theological education—its curriculum, pedagogy, and scholarship—can meet the ecclesial and missional demands of this new age.

Table of Contents

Part One: Church amid World Christianities: The Heart and Soul of Theological Education
     1. Theological Education and the (Western) Church: Equipping the Body of Christ
     2. Theological Expansion of the Church Catholic: Engaging the People of God
     3. Theological Transformation of the Church: Empowering the Fellowship of the Spirit
Part Two: Witness in Global Contexts: The Hands and Works of Theological Transformation
     4. Missional Information: Publicizing the Coming Age
     5. Market Reformation: Materializing the Jubilee Spirit
     6. Personal Formation: Participating in the Triune Community
Part Three: Academy in Glocal Contexts: The Mind and Task of Theological Exploration
     7. Theological Curriculum: Teaching by the Spirit of Truth
     8. Theological Pedagogy: Learning in the Spirit of Wisdom
     9. Theological Scholarship: Renewing the Mind through the Spirit
For Further Thought

“Amos Yong in this book rethinks, reformats, and relaunches theological education as a missiological calling and task driven by pneumatological imagination. The result is a pragmatic vision of higher education fit for our era characterized by networked global humanity and marked by bold, vital, and renewing movements of the Holy Spirit. The book’s scholarship is subtle, wise, beautiful, and provocative.”
— Nimi Wariboko
Boston University
author of The Split Economy: Saint Paul Goes to Wall Street
“Yong begins with the church—global, multi-lingual, multi-cultural, asking varied questions—more in need of a Day of Pentecost than ever. With that firmly in mind, he turns to theological education, considering its roles in the mission of God, the formation of God’s people, and their genuine liberation. Topics range from technology and economics, to theological relevance and academic guilds, as he constructively challenges the dominant Western model. A powerful framework.”
— Larry A. Smith
president, ScholarLeaders International
Rob O'Lynn in The Englewood Review of Books
“I was deeply challenged and encouraged by Yong’s argument in Renewing the Church by the Spirit. As one who stands with one foot in the theological institution and one foot in the local congregation as both an educator and a minister, I deeply resonate with the desire to foster missional and ecclesial renewal.”
Calvin Theological Journal
“Yong’s book will likely be useful to faculty, mentors, and administrators working in competency-based theological education (e.g., Immerse, Northwest Seminary; Kairos, Sioux Falls Seminary; and Deploy, Grace Theological Seminary, etc.). . . . Likewise, gradu¬ate students who aspire to work in theological education, either as educators or as administrators, will benefit from reading Renewing the Church by the Spirit.”
“Amos Yong offers important insights into the emerging social context of theological education and into parallel changes occurring within churches around the globe. . . . His work has wide ecumenical significance. It is an informative and stimulating read for anyone interested in the future of theological education and its role in the increasingly global outreach of churches in our time.”