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Flashes of Grace
33 Encounters with God
Patrick Henry
Foreword by Joan Chittister

PAPERBACK; Coming Soon: 2/2/2021
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7864-9
Price: $ 19.99
288 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 5.5 x 8.5
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“I don’t know how to say what the grace of God is. What I can say is what it’s like for me.” 

We all know about grace being amazing—after all, there’s a whole song about it—but Patrick Henry reminds us that that’s not all it is. It’s also intimidating, disorienting, demanding, reassuring, and sometimes even just downright mind-boggling. Describing thirty-three different aspects of grace based on his everyday experiences, Henry tells the story of a grace that is wide-ranging and comprehensive—if not always comprehensible. Rather than trying to capture and tame his encounters with God, he lets the mystery of memory speak for itself, exemplifying his mantra that being a Christian is about being “an explorer, not a colonizer.” 

Flashes of Grace is wise and grounded, earnest and light, faithful and quirky. Henry describes encountering grace in airports, baseball, hazelnuts, and just about anywhere else you can imagine, while engaging with dialogue partners ranging from King Saul and Saint Augustine to Yogi Berra and Captain Picard. For anyone longing to connect (or reconnect) with God, this book provides a surprising journey that broadens perspectives and explores strange new worlds, while loosening stiff spiritual joints so movement can be free and spontaneous.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Joan Chittister
Prologue: Off the Plane, into the Airport
Part One: How I Became the Source of This Story
1. Grace in Formation
2. Grace in Perspective
3. Grace in Balance
Part Two: Reorienting
4. Grace in Dimensions
5. Grace in Surprise
6. Grace in Politics
Part Three: The Bible
7. Grace in “Whatever”
8. Grace in Opening Up and Broadening Out
9. Grace in Verb Tenses
10. Grace in Being Left Behind with The Da Vinci Code
Part Four: History
11. Grace in Uncertainty
12. Grace in the Digging
13. Grace in a Future That Ain’t What It Used to Be
Part Five: Coming Together after Coming Apart
14. Grace in Ecumenism
15. Grace in the “Cannot"
16. Grace in Reconciling Memories
Part Six: Diversity
17. Grace in Variety
18. Grace in a Fugue
19. Grace in Finding an Old Sermon
20. Grace in Christian Autobiography
Part Seven: Imaginations: Religious and Scientific
21. Grace in Science
22. Grace in a Hazelnut
23. Grace on Darwin’s Grave
24. Grace in Scientific American
Part Eight: Disturbances of Dogma
25. Grace in Coventry Cathedral and on the Hudson River
26. Grace in Art
27. Grace on a Baseball Diamond
28. Grace Where I Don’t Expect It
29. Grace on Board the Starship Enterprise
Part Nine: A Spirituality for the Long Haul
30. Grace in the Overlap of “Spiritual” and “Religious”
31. Grace in a Culture of Trust, Not Fear
32. Grace in an Ancient Prayer
33. Grace in the Groundswell’s Bell over the Ebbing Sea’s Roar
Epilogue: Letter to Captain Picard