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The Hope of the Gospel
Theological Education and the Next Evangelicalism
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Series: Theological Education between the Times

Returning evangelicalism to its core commitments 

Evangelicalism in the United States is fracturing along social, political, and ethical fault lines, to the extent that the very meaning of “evangelicalism” is in dispute. Having surrendered its theological character and missional heritage to partisan political activism and cultural conservatism, the movement has lost its unifying identity and undermined its own testimony in an increasingly diverse society. 

Mark Young believes a revitalization of the evangelical movement must happen in our seminaries, where the shepherds of the next evangelicalism are being formed. Young argues that if these leaders of tomorrow are instilled with true gospel values, they will go on to form churches and missional organizations that offer a credible and compelling Christlike witness for the sake of the world. The Hope of the Gospel takes readers through the history of evangelicalism and back to the present to make the case for how this can happen through a renewed vision of theological education.

Table of Contents

What Matters
1. The Hope of the Gospel
2. Who Are We?
Past Matters
3. The DNA of Evangelicalism
4. The Foundation and Fragmentation of Faith
5. Revive Us Again!
6. The Quest for Credibility
Future Matters
7. Bible
8. Cross
9. Conversion
10. Mission
For Further Thought