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The New Perspective on Grace
Paul and the Gospel after Paul and the Gift

HARDCOVER; Coming Soon: 8/8/2023
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7891-5
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416 Pages
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For those inspired by Barclay’s Paul and the Gift
Over the course of his academic career, John M. G. Barclay has transformed how we think about Paul. Barclay’s contributions to Pauline Studies reached a new height with the publication of his award-winning Paul and the Gift, in which he presents a sophisticated reading of Paul’s theology of grace within the context of gift-giving in the Greco-Roman world. But where does Pauline scholarship go from here?
Featuring a diverse group of internationally renowned scholars, The New Perspective on Grace collects essays inspired by Barclay’s magnum opus. These essays broadly explore the implications of grace and gift across a variety of fields: biblical studies, theology, reception history, and theology in practice. Topics include:

     • Paul’s soteriology 
     • The role of grace in Paul’s life and ministry 
     • Implications of the New Perspective on Paul 
     • Divine giving in the Gospels 
     • Gift-giving and Christian aesthetics 
     • Interpretations of Pauline grace from the patristic period to the present 
     • Self-giving and self-care 
     • Grace and ministry in marginalized communities
The New Perspective on Grace is essential reading for all students and scholars who want to understand the current state of Pauline scholarship.

Contributors: Edward Adams, Dorothea H. Bertschmann, Ben C. Blackwell, David Briones, Marion L. S. Carson, Stephen J. Chester, Susan Grove Eastman, Troels Engberg-Pedersen, Simon Gathercole, Beverly Roberts Gaventa, John K. Goodrich, Judith M. Gundry, Jane Heath, David G. Horrell, Jonathan A. Linebaugh, Joel Marcus, Orrey McFarland, Dean Pinter, Todd D. Still, Paul Trebilco, Michael Wolter

Table of Contents

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Part 1: Pauline Theology
     1. Justice, Love, and the Gift: The Logic of Pauline Soteriology (Troels Engberg-Pedersen)
     2. Tuesday’s Child: Paul as Full of Grace (Todd D. Still)
     3. Gift and Reward: Another Look at Romans 4:4–5 (Simon Gathercole)
     4. “For with the Heart One Believes unto Righteousness” (Romans 10:10): A Brief Reminder Not to Overlook a Characteristic Trait of Paul’s Theology, in Conversation with John Barclay (Michael Wolter)
     5. The Circularity of Grace: Romans 11:33–36 in Retrospect and Prospect (David Briones)
     6. “He Stood Condemned”: Peter’s Apostasy and Paul’s Defense of the Gospel’s Social Implications in Antioch (Galatians 2:11–14) (Judith Gundry)
     7. According to the Riches of His Grace: The Drama of Divine Beneficence in Ephesians (John K. Goodrich)
Part 2: Contextual and Canonical Conversations
     8. Grace and Reciprocity in Matthew 5:38–48 (Joel Marcus)
     9. Gift and Reciprocity in John’s Gospel (Paul Trebilco)
     10. Gift and Grace in 1 Peter (David G. Horrell)
     11. Aesthetic Delight in the Christ-Charis in the New Testament (Jane Heath)
Part 3: Reception History and Theology
     12. Justification by Faith in Cyril of Alexandria (Ben C. Blackwell)
     13. Paul’s Gift: The Language of Judgment and the Logic of Gift in Romans and Julian of Norwich (Susan Grove Eastman)
     14. “Works Themselves Are a Part of Grace”: John Calvin’s Interpretation of Ephesians 2:8–10 (Stephen J. Chester)
     15. “That Grace Should Come into Its Own”: Romans 12:1–8 in and with Karl Barth’s Römerbrief (Beverly Roberts Gaventa)
     16. The Uglier Ditch: First-Century Grace in the Present Tense (Jonathan A. Linebaugh)
Part 4: Pastoral Conversations
     17. Sacrifice—The Gift That Hurts? (Dorothea H. Bertschmann)
     18. Freedom and Its Anxieties: Incongruous Grace and Innovative Communities in Pastoral Perspective (Marion L. S. Carson)
     19. Proclaiming the Unconditioned Gift (Orrey McFarland)
     20. The Gift of Friendship in Pastoral Ministry (Dean Pinter)
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