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In Quest of the Historical Adam
A Biblical and Scientific Exploration
HARDCOVER; Coming Soon: 9/28/2021
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Was Adam a real historical person? And if so, who was he and when did he live? 

William Lane Craig sets out to answer these questions through a biblical and scientific investigation. He begins with an inquiry into the genre of Genesis 1–11, determining that it can most plausibly be classified as mytho-history—a narrative with both literary and historical value. He then moves into the New Testament, where he examines references to Adam in the words of Jesus and the writings of Paul, ultimately concluding that the entire Bible considers Adam the historical progenitor of the human race—a position that must therefore be accepted as a premise for Christians who take seriously the inspired truth of Scripture. 

Working from that foundation of biblical truth, Craig embarks upon an interdisciplinary survey of scientific evidence to determine where Adam could be most plausibly located in the evolutionary history of humankind, ultimately determining that Adam lived between 750,000 and 1,000,000 years ago as a member of the archaic human species Homo heidelbergensis. He concludes by reflecting theologically on his findings and asking what all this might mean for us as human beings created in the image of God, literally descended from a common ancestor—albeit one who lived in the remote past.

Table of Contents

     1. What Is at Stake
Part One: Biblical Data Concerning the Historical Adam
     2. The Nature of Myth
     3. Are the Primaeval Narratives of Genesis 1–11 Myth? (Part 1)
     4. Are the Primaeval Narratives of Genesis 1–11 Myth? (Part 2)
     5. Are Genesis 1–11 Mytho-History?
     6. Are Myths Believed to Be True?
     7. Adam in the New Testament
Part Two: Scientific Evidence and the Historical Adam
     8. Scientific and Philosophical Preliminaries
     9. The Evidence of Palaeoneurology
     10. The Evidence of Archaeology (Part 1)
     11. The Evidence of Archaeology (Part 2)
     12. Locating the Historical Adam
Part Three: Reflections on the Historical Adam
     13. Putting It All Together

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