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Mark’s Gospel
History, Theology, Interpretation
HARDCOVER; Coming Soon: 5/11/2023
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7918-9
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558 Pages
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A culmination of contemporary scholarship on the Gospel of Mark. 
A preeminent scholar of the Gospel of Mark, C. Clifton Black has been studying and publishing on the gospel for over thirty years. This new collection brings together his most pivotal work and fresh investigations to constitute an all-in-one compendium of contemporary Markan scholarship and exegesis. 
The essays included cover scriptural commentary, historical studies, literary analysis, theological argument, and pastoral considerations. Among other topics Black explores: 
     • the gospel’s provenance, authorship, and attribution 
      the significance of redaction criticism in Markan studies 
      recent approaches to the gospel’s interpretation
      literary and rhetorical analyses of the gospel’s narrative
      the kingdom of God and its revelation in Jesus
      Mark’s theology of creation, suffering, and discipleship 
      the Gospel of Mark’s relationship to the Gospel of John and Paul’s letters
      the passion in Mark as the gospel’s recapitulation 
Scholars, advanced students, and clergy alike will consider this book an indispensable resource for understanding the foundational gospel.

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Brief Commentary on the Gospel according to Mark 
Part I: Historical Studies 
         1. Was Mark a Roman Gospel? 
         2. The Second Evangelist: Authorship and Apostolicity 
         3. The Quest of Mark the Redactor: Why Has It Been Pursued, and What Has It Taught Us? 
         4. Thirty Years On: Mark’s Disciples and Markan Redaction 
         5. A Servant of Surprise: Juel Interpreted 
         6. Markan Studies: Whence and Whither? 
Part II: Theological Studies 
         7. A Conspectus of Markan Theology 
         8. Mark as Historian of God’s Kingdom 
         9. The Face Is Familiar—I Just Can’t Place It 
         10. Does Suffering Possess Educational Value in Mark’s Gospel? 
         11. Mark: John’s Photographic Negative 
         12. Christ Crucified in Paul and in Mark 
         13. Endzeit als Urzeit: Mark and Creation Theology 
         14. An Oration at Olivet 
         15. The Kijé Effect: Revenants in the Markan Passion Narrative 
Part III: Homiletical Studies
         16. Priming the Pump: Exegetical Ruminations for Preachers 
         17. Ministry in Mystery: One Evangelist’s Vision