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A Grammar of New Testament Greek
HARDCOVER; Coming Soon: 11/30/2021
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7927-1
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512 Pages
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Series: Eerdmans Language Resources

A reader’s guide to the morphology and syntax of Koine Greek 

From the pen of a seasoned instructor of biblical Greek, this book functions as both an essential resource for second-year students and an invaluable asset for all readers as they continue to hone and deepen their linguistic skills. It begins with a basic overview of the language for new learners and for those looking for a brief refresher before moving into nuanced matters of morphology and syntax. Whitacre’s aim is ultimately to help readers understand the subtleties of the language on the pages of the New Testament; thus, he engages with the biblical text both grammatically and exegetically, so that readers can experience its full power and beauty. 

Including numerous illustrative examples throughout and several useful appendices at the end, A Grammar of New Testament Greek is indispensable both as a textbook and as a reference for all readers of the Greek New Testament—and other texts written in Koine, such as the Septuagint and the Apostolic Fathers.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Greek Writing, Pronunciation, and Punctuation
2. Basic Features of Ancient Greek
3. Morphology of Nominal Forms
4. Morphology of Verbal Forms
5. Greek Syntax
Appendix 1: Rules for Accenting
Appendix 2: Words Distinguished by Their Accents and Breathing Marks
Appendix 3: Common Suffixes
Appendix 4: Paradigms for Reference
Appendix 5: Summary of Selected Syntax Topics
Appendix 6: Detailed List of Contents
Appendix 7: Simple Overview of English Grammar Essentials
Appendix 8: Suggestions for Approaching a Sentence in Greek