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The Letter to the Romans
A Short Commentary
HARDCOVER; Coming Soon: 10/7/2021
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7943-1
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232 Pages
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In the wake of two magisterial commentaries on first the Gospel of Matthew and then the Gospel of John, noted theologian and exegete Frederick Dale Bruner turns his scholarly attentions to Paul’s letter to the Romans. In this concise commentary, he relays his findings on what he calls the “Fifth Gospel” and its central claim that “through the Father’s love, Jesus’s passion, and the Spirit’s application of this passionate love, human beings can have a perfectly right relationship with God—by simple faith in His Christ.”

As he did in his commentaries on Matthew and John, Bruner engages historical interpreters of Romans from Origen to Cranfield—including Augustine, Chrysostom, Aquinas, Luther, and Calvin—while offering his own lucid translation of the text and relevant pastoral applications. Bruner also engages with other contemporary interpreters who “have spent much of their scholarly lives mining the gold down deep” in Romans, as he humbly admits that his “conversation with Paul’s texts is almost as often a conversation with these fellow miners, who have given their lives to understanding exactly what Paul said and meant in his deep sentences.” The result is a holistic understanding of the book of Romans informed not only by one scholar’s lifetime of ministry, teaching, and learning, but also by the full depth and breadth of church tradition.

Table of Contents

A Personal Introduction to My Interpretation of the Fifth Gospel
     The Fifth Gospel: Paul’s Letter to the Romans
     Our Deep Need for the Gospel Good News: Romans Chapter 1
     The Righteous Judgment of God on All Human Sin: Romans Chapter 2:1–3:20
     God’s Good News in Classic Compactness: Romans Chapter 3:21–31
     Simple Faith in God’s Gracious Word: Romans Chapter 4
     Our New Gospel Privileges and the Old Roots of Our Relation with God: Romans Chapter 5
     Sanctification’s Presence: Romans Chapter 6
     Sanctification’s Presence and Absence: Romans Chapter 7
     Believers in Jesus Christ Have God’s Holy Spirit within Their Lives: Romans Chapter 8
     God’s Election of Israel: Romans Chapter 9
     Israel’s Initial Unbelief in God’s Plan of Righteousness by Simple Faith: Romans Chapter 10
     The Mystery of Israel and the Church: Romans Chapter 11
     The Ethic of the Gospel, Part I: Romans Chapter 12
     The Ethic of the Gospel, Part II: Romans Chapter 13
     How Believers Can Deal with Certain Differences between Themselves: Romans Chapters 14:1–15:13
     Paul’s Letter Conclusions: Romans Chapters 15:14–16:27