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The Incomparable God
Readings in Biblical Theology

HARDCOVER; Coming Soon: 5/30/2023
ISBN: 978-0-8028-7949-3
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512 Pages
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My Lord! There is no one like you among the gods!

 Attempting to describe the nature of God often points to the exclamation of the psalmist—that God is unlike anyone or anything else. And yet the claim is not simply the overflow of an adoring heart: God’s incomparability is a truth lodged deep within Christian Scripture. In The Incomparable God, Old Testament scholar Brent A. Strawn offers thoughtful insight into this theological mystery.

This volume collects eighteen of Strawn’s most provocative essays on the nature of God, several of which are published for the first time here. The topics Strawn covers include the following:  
     • the complex portrayal of God in Genesis  
     • God’s mercy in Exodus  
     • poetic description of God in the Psalms  
     • the Trinity in both testaments  
     • pedagogy of the Old Testament  
     • integration of personal faith and scholarship  

Encompassing close readings of Scripture, biblical-theological argument, and considerations of praxis, The Incomparable God is essential reading for Old Testament scholars and students.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Readings  
          1. From Imago to Imagines: The Image(s) of God in Genesis  
          2. YHWH’s Poesie: The Gnadenformel (Exodus 34:6b-7), the Book of Exodus, and Beyond  
          3. Keep/Observe/Do – Carefully – Today! The Rhetoric of Repetition in Deuteronomy  
          4. Slaves and Rebels: Inscription, Identity, and Time in the Rhetoric of Deuteronomy  
          5. The Art of Poetry in Psalm 137: Movement, Reticence, Cursing  
          6. Revisiting Elisha and the Bears: Can Modern Christians Read (That Is, Pray) the Worst Texts of the Old Testament?  
Part 2: Biblical Theology  
          1. And These Three Are One: A Trinitarian Critique of Christological Approaches to the Old Testament  
          2. “Israel, My Child”: The Ethics of a Biblical Metaphor  
          3. What Would (or Should) Old Testament Theology Look Like If Recent Reconstructions of Israelite Religion Were True?  
          4. The Old Testament and Participation with God (and/in Christ?): (Re-)Reading the Life of Moses with Some Help from Gregory of Nyssa  
          5. Tolkien’s Orcs Meet the Bible’s Canaanites: The Dynamics of Reading Well… or Not  
          6. Docetism, Käsemann, and Christology: Can Historical Criticism Help Christological Orthodoxy (and Other Theology) After All?  
Part 3: Practice  
          1. Is God Always Anything?  
          2. On Pharaohs: Egyptian and Otherwise  
          3. Designated Readers: Deuteronomy’s Portrait of the Ideal King—or Is It Preacher?  
          4. On Priesting  
          5. Four Thoughts on Preaching and Teaching the Bible—Mostly the Old Testament  
          6. On Not Bifurcating: Faith and Scholarship in the Life of a Bible Professor