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Flourishing Together
A Christian Vision for Students, Educators, and Schools
Lynn E. Swaner and Andy Wolfe
Foreword by Rose Hudson-Wilkin

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ISBN: 978-0-8028-7957-8
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312 Pages
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How do students, educators, and schools flourish together—especially in an era of mounting pressures on educational systems, alarming student disengagement, and growing teacher burnout? Many schools strive toward academic achievement as their primary marker of success, but this well-meaning approach can lead to a reductionist view in which students are too often seen as statistics rather than whole human beings. Teachers, school leaders, parents, and of course students know that flourishing is a much broader and more holistic aim for education. But what is to be done? 

The goal of this book is to call Christian educators back to a better vision of flourishing within a robust theological framework, with the practical guidance necessary for implementation. To accomplish this, Lynn Swaner and Andy Wolfe take readers through an exploration of five essential domains identified through extensive empirical research—purpose, relationships, learning, resources, and well-being.

An ideal resource for professional development and strategic planning, Flourishing Together persistently adheres to the principle that “anything that is worth building cannot be built alone.” Thus, the vision for flourishing here is one in which the school community is understood as an interconnected ecosystem, in which “each one’s flourishing is dependent on their flourishing together.” Accordingly, teachers and administrators will be inspired and equipped to reshape their schools as places where they—alongside their students—can flourish together in a community of abundant life.

Table of Contents

Part One: Purpose
     1. Our Shared Calling
     2. Fullness of Life
     3. Purpose: Reimagining Our Practice
Part Two: Relationships
     4. Flourishing Relationships
     5. Abiding Together
     6. Relationships: Reimagining Our Practice
Part Three: Learning
     7. Learning for Flourishing
     8. Asking Questions
     9. Learning: Reimagining Our Practice
Part Four: Resources
     10. Toward Educational Abundance
     11. Breaking Bread
     12. Resources: Reimagining Our Practice
Part Five: Well-Being
     13. Well-Being in Schools
     14. Jars of Clay
     15. Well-Being: Reimagining Our Practice