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The Bible in the Early Church
PAPERBACK; Coming Soon: 3/8/2022
ISBN: 978-0-8028-8174-8
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200 Pages
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A concise history of the Bible: its creation, use, and interpretation 

What is the Bible? To answer this question we must understand the Bible’s origins in the early church. In this book, celebrated church historian Justo González introduces the reader to some important features of the earliest Bibles—for instance, the Bible’s original languages, its division into chapters and verses, and even its physical appearance in its first forms. González also explores the use of the Bible in the early church (such as in worship or in private reading) and the interpretation of the Bible throughout the ensuing centuries, giving readers a holistic sense of the Bible’s emergence as the keystone of Christian life, from its beginnings to present times.

Table of Contents

Part One: The Shape of the Bible
          1. The Languages and Contents of the First Christian Bibles
          2. The Shaping of the New Testament
          3. The Physical Appearance of Early Christian Bibles
          4. Chapters and Verses
          5. The Transmission of the Text Through the Centuries
          6. From Manuscripts to the Printed Bible
Part Two: The Use of the Bible
          7. The Reading and Use of the Bible in Worship
          8. The Use of Psalms
          9. Private Reading
          10. The Bible and Education
          11. The Bible and the Social Order
Part Three: The Interpretation of the Bible
          12. Models of Interpretation
          13. Crucial Texts: Creation
          14. Crucial Texts: The Exodus
          15. Crucial Texts: The Word
          16. Lessons from the Past and Promises for the Future
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