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Faith and Fake News
A Guide to Consuming Information Wisely
PAPERBACK; Coming Soon: 5/30/2023
ISBN: 978-0-8028-8245-5
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192 Pages
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Share if you love Jesus. Scroll past if you follow the devil.

 Most Christians have seen something asinine like this on Facebook and rightly dismissed it. But not every post on social media is so obviously absurd. As online spaces increase in importance, it is urgent that we as Christians consider how to love our neighbors on the internet—and this includes sharing the truth.

Rachel I. Wightman has seen this problem firsthand as a librarian with over a decade of experience instructing students in information literacy. In Faith and Fake News, she shares her expertise with average Christians. This timely and essential guide explains the information landscape and its tendency toward thought bubbles, discusses techniques for fact-checking and evaluating sources, and offers suggestions on ways to engage with our neighbors online while bearing witness to Christ and the truth.

Table of Contents

Section 1: The Big Picture: The Information Landscape 
     1. Getting Started: Algorithms and Filter Bubbles 
     2. The Wide-Open Information Landscape 
     3. A World of Fake News 
Section 2: Evaluating Information 
     4. Noticing Our Emotions 
     5. Learning to Evaluate 
Section 3: Deciding What to Do 
     6. Practicing Humility: Purposefully Seeking Out New Perspectives 
     7. Practice Kindness: Loving Our Neighbors 
     8. Conclusion