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Its Purpose, Practice, and Power
PAPERBACK; Published: 9/28/2023
ISBN: 978-0-8028-8252-3
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143 Pages
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Series: The Eerdmans Michael Green Collection

Michael Green offers biblical and ecumenical answers to disputed questions about baptism. 
The gateway into the church. An individual’s testimony to faith and repentance. The reception of the Holy Spirit. The meaning of baptism varies wildly between different Christian traditions. Seeking common ground, Michael Green turns to Scripture to assess the varieties of baptismal theology. Though Green assents that baptism is no substitute for saving faith, he endorses infant baptism, confronting common objections head-on. He also addresses the related problems of confirmation and rebaptism. Green’s lively and clear argument will challenge and intrigue readers of all denominations.

Table of Contents

1. Confusion Reigns!
2. Back to the Beginning
3. The Baptisms of John and Jesus
4. Baptism: What Does It Mean and What Does It Do?
5. The Baptism of Believers—and Their Children
6. Objections Considered
7. Baptism and Confirmation
8. ‘Rebaptism’
9. Baptism in the Holy Spirit

“Michael Green . . . brings out clearly and concisely the theological riches of biblical baptism. . . . While his book is written from an Anglican viewpoint, Presbyterians and others should find their own understanding of baptism enriched by working through it. I recommend it to all students of the subject.” 
—J. W. Scott for The Westminster Theological Journal