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Adventure of Faith
Reflections on Fifty Years of Christian Service
PAPERBACK; Published: 9/28/2023
ISBN: 978-0-8028-8261-5
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434 Pages
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Series: The Eerdmans Michael Green Collection

Michael Green shares his story of faith and ministry—and offers insight into the church’s present challenges and future hope. 
Michael Green invites us to join him on a journey through a lifetime in Christian ministry. From his conversion to the present day, he recounts times of fruitfulness and failure and points to those people and ideas that have shaped and inspired him. Alongside relating his experiences, Green also reflects on crucial issues in today’s church and world. Ultimately, he sets forth a vision of hope for the future of the worldwide community of God. Evangelical Christians will find Green’s life, work, and ideas inspiring in their own journeys of faith and ministry.

Table of Contents

A Word from the Author
Part 1—Faith and Nurture
          1. Conversion
         2. Nurture
         3. Student Religion
         4. Family Life
Part 2—Faith and Work
         5. Parish Work
         6. Theological Education
         7. Writing
Part 3—Faith and Outreach
         8. Postmodernism
         9. Evangelism
         10. Leadership
Part 4—Faith and the Gospel
         11. The Evangelicals
         12. The Renewal Movement
         13. Controversy
Part 5—Faith and the Future
         14. The World Church
         15. Southeast Asia
         16. Tomorrow
Appendix 1: Lifeline
Appendix 2: Book List

“Few people have had such a variety of gifts, and such a range of experiences, as Michael Green. So he is able to evaluate firsthand many different ministries, movements and controversies. His views are always forthright, often humorous, sometimes mischievous (as he admits), but never lacking in thoughtfulness or generosity.” 
—John R. W. Stott, Regent College 
“One of the great Christian warriors of this age, my friend Michael Green has a lifetime rich in Christian wisdom to share with the world.”
—Charles W. Colson, Prison Fellowship Ministry 
“Michael Green has an enviable gift for making you think, squirm, laugh and get real all at the same time, and his review of his full and fruitful life runs true to form. This is vintage Green.”
—J. I. Packer, Regent College