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Faith Seeking Understanding, 4th ed.
An Introduction to Christian Theology
PAPERBACK; Published: 5/31/2023
ISBN: 978-0-8028-8285-1
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568 Pages
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An authoritative and beloved textbook, updated for the current generation of theology students.

Daniel L. Migliore’s classic theology textbook returns in a new edition, revised and supplemented with fresh material. Faith Seeking Understanding covers fundamental topics for budding theologians, from biblical hermeneutics to the incarnation to the life of faith. As in previous editions, the material culminates in four imaginative dialogues between prominent thinkers to illustrate major theological debates.

In addition to updates throughout the text, the fourth edition also includes a new introduction and an additional chapter on Christology. Students will appreciate the textbook’s accessible style, comprehensive reading recommendations, and glossary of theological terms.

Table of Contents

Sources Frequently Cited
A Letter to My Readers 
1. The Task of Theology 
2. The Meaning of Revelation 
3. The Authority of Scripture 
4. The Triune God 
5. The Good Creation 
6. The Providence of God and the Mystery of Evil 
7. Humanity as Creature, Sinner, and New Being in Christ 
8. The Person and Work of Jesus Christ 
9. Confessing Jesus Christ in Context 
10. Christ and Cosmos 
11. The Holy Spirit and the Christian Life 
12. The New Community 
13. Proclamation, Sacraments, and Ministry 
14. Christian Faith and Religious Pluralism 
15. Christian Hope 



“A book that manages to be at once deeply traditional and freshly contemporary. . . . Hearty, winsome, and mature, Faith Seeking Understanding sharpens the same appetite it satisfies. Migliore everywhere shows that he knows the difference between what is usual in theology and what is vital.” 
—Cornelius Plantinga Jr. 

“Presents theology in language that can be readily grasped by the theological beginner. Hurrah!” 
—Theology Today 

“This is theology with a sure and sharp pastoral touch. . . . An ideal primer in doctrine for students.” 
—The Expository Times 

“A seminary and undergraduate standard. . . . Migliore has thoroughly recrafted the volume in his lively and accessible style.” 
—Religious Studies Review 

“An admirable success. . . . Migliore hits just the right intermediate range to fill a real need.” 

“A standard Christian theology text for nearly a quarter century, Migliore’s Faith Seeking Understanding explores all of the major Christian doctrines in freshly contemporary ways.” 

“Twenty-five years after it was first published, this book still maintains its status as one of the finest introductions to Christian theology in our time. . . . Outstanding for students and equally important for pastors who desire to sustain their theological skills or simply enjoy a good theological conversation.” 
—Presbyterian Outlook