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The Other in Second Temple Judaism
Essays in Honor of John J. Collins
POD; Published: 3/30/2022
ISBN: 978-0-8028-8294-3
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542 Pages
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Dedicated to prominent biblical scholar John J. Collins, The "Other" in Second Temple Judaism explores the various ways in which Jews living in the Hellenistic and early Roman periods (both in the land of Israel and the Diaspora) constructed their identity in relation to other Jews, pagans, and Christians.

The twenty-eight contributors -- comprising both seasoned scholars and rising stars in the field -- interact with Collins's work as they engage the book's unifying theme, focusing their efforts around five areas of scholarly inquiry that reflect the scope of Collins's distinguished career:
  • The Hebrew Bible and Its Reception
  • Wisdom
  • Apocalypticism
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Jews among Greeks and Romans

  • Susan Ackerman
  • Samuel L. Adams
  • Patricia Ahearne-Kroll
  • Shane Berg
  • Katell Berthelot
  • Shannon Burkes Pinette
  • Esther Chazon
  • Lorenzo DiTommaso
  • Robert Doran
  • Antonios Finitsis
  • Sean Freyne
  • Matthew Goff
  • Martin Goodmanv
  • Erich S. Gruen
  • Daniel C. Harlow
  • Daniel J. Harrington
  • Naomi S. Jacobs
  • Joel S. Kaminsky
  • Robert A. Kugler
  • Timothy H. Lim
  • Karina Martin Hogan
  • Yonatan Miller
  • Carol A. Newsom
  • George W. E. Nickelsburg
  • Susan Niditch
  • Rebecca Raphael
  • Eric D. Reymond
  • James C. VanderKam